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I love rewards programs! When you earn points for doing things you normally do, that is a pretty awesome perk. Redeeming those points for cash, gift cards, and other prizes is even better!!!

Several companies offer them: banks, grocery stores, airlines, hotels, movie clubs, and so many more. You can even earn points when you recycle! To my knowledge, they are all free to sign up and you can start earning right away.

Here is a list of some I really like. I will write up an individual post about all of these and go into more detail of how you can accumulate points and the prizes you can earn.

If you love to shop online as much as I do, start here and search for your favorite store. You’ll earn up to 25% cash back. What’s even better is Ebates will start you off with $5.00 just for signing up!!!

Swag Bucks
You can earn “bucks” through random searches you do on the internet, shopping, surveys, watching videos, special offers, answering a daily poll question, trade-ins, etc. I’ve been a member for about one year and LOVE Swag Bucks. I’ve earned enough “bucks” to redeem them for over $125 in Amazon.com e-gift cards and some miscellaneous prizes. I used the Amazon money to buy my three kids shoes, school supplies, sweatshirts to make their Halloween costumes, and even some craft supplies for me.

I am a HUGE fan of MyPoints too. In additon to earning points from searching, shopping, and filling out surveys, you can play games, and share deals with friends on your favorite social networking sites. For an EASY five points, you can even click on a link in the e-mails they send you. I’ve redeemed my points for at least three $25 gift cards to CVS Pharmacy and have enough for another one, but I think I want to save up for a bigger prize this time.

There are codes inside packages of diapers, wipes, and potty training pants. Sometimes a “free code” will be made available to all members as well. You input the codes on their main website and redeem them for prizes from the rewards catalog, enter sweepstakes, or donate them to a worthy cause.

Huggies Enjoy The Ride
You can earn points with the codes inside the packages of diapers, wipes, and training pants, watching videos, answering poll questions, and more. You can redeem them for sweepstakes entries, prizes, or play instant win games. I’ve won a $10 Visa gift card and a $10 Starbucks gift ard so far. The games, as well as the prizes, change every so often.

Disney Movie Rewards
Use the codes inside specially marked movies to earn points on their website. You can redeem them for several different types of prizes. “Free codes” are released for this program as well.

Earn points by recycling electronics, join the ebay Green Team, learn about and answer questions on different “green” issues, and if your city participates, you can even earn points every time the items in your recycle bin are picked up.

Most airlines and banks offer rewards programs. There are so many of them that I would be writing this post for a week to cover them all. My suggestion: if you aren’t enrolled in yours already, call them or check the website(s) for the one(s) you use.


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