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Are you a member of Swag Bucks yet? Not only is it FREE to sign up, but they will start you off with 30 “bucks” just for doing it. Bonus: it only takes a few seconds to get started! For me, Swag Bucks is, by far, the easiest and most fun way to earn FREE stuff!!! A friend of mine told me about the rewards and I have been hooked ever since. To date, I have earned over $150 in Amazon gift cards, a vintage four-pack of baseball cards (which I gave as a gift), and more! There are so many ways to earn “bucks” and most of them are FREE.

The Amazon gift cards came in very handy. During the back-to-school shopping frenzy, instead of going to a crowded store, I sat down in front of my computer and bought each of my kids a pair of shoes and their supplies online. It was so easy, convenient, and stress-free. Swag Bucks e-mails you after the e-gift card codes are in your account. All you have to do is plug them into your Amazon account and spend them. Piece of cake!
When I first signed up with Swag Bucks, there were only a handful of ways to earn “bucks”. They will be celebrating their third birthday soon and there are now at least 12 ways to earn. Here are a few that I’ve tried and LOVE:
Search: You can download the Swag Bucks Toolbar and search the internet like you normally would. Random searches will reward you with “bucks” in your account. Be careful not to oversearch just to earn bucks. That could get your account either frozen or completely deactivated.
Code Hunts: Periodically, sometimes multiple times in one day, TSG (The Swag Guy or Girl) will release a code that you can plug into the box on their main site. The “trick” is to find the code first. HINTS on where the codes might be hidden will be in the Swidget (I one in the right sidebar). For example, it could direct you to the Swag Bucks blog, their Facebook and/or Twitter pages, and even the Toolbar. Sharing “active codes” is a big no-no. If you figure it out and have friends that are Swag Bucks members, you cannot share the actual code with them. You can give them the hint where to find it, but if you get caught revealing the actual code, your account will be deactivated.
Daily Deal: Buy Daily Deals from Groupon, Living Social and Tippr and Earn Reward Points good for Free Stuff at Swagbucks.com. Start today!

Trade In: I sent them an old cell phone and earned bucks for it. You can also trade in games and consoles as well as books. All you do is provide some information about the item and they will give you an estimated reward. They pay for shipping, but you do need to print the label on your end. Once they receive your item, they will credit the “bucks” to your account. Please note: this process can take several weeks.
Daily Polls: Earn one “buck” every day just for answering the question.
Trusted Surveys: Earn one “buck” every day just for checking which surveys you may qualify to do. If you take any, you can earn more.

NOSO: No Obligation Special Offers. At most, they will show you about five or six offers. Simply skip through the ones you’re not interested in and you can win “bucks” at the end just for looking. You can do this daily.
Referrals: When you refer your friends to sign up for a Swag Bucks account, you earn bucks when they earn through searching the internet only. However, there is a potential to earn up to 1000 “bucks” per referral as long as they search the internet using the Swag Bucks Toolbar or through the main site. 
There are so many other ways to earn bucks and you can particpate in all of them or just a few. It all depends on what you want to redeem them for and how quickly you want to get it. There are so many prizes to choose from: gift cards, electronics, sports memorabilia, posters, etc. Whether you’re redeeming the bucks for prizes to keep for yourself or give as gifts, you know you’ve earned them.
Swagbucks.com – The rewards site that works. Good luck and Happy Swagging!!!


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