Bonus Cash for Referring Friends!

Do you like any of the following: Shopping online? Coupons? Cash back on purchases? Bonus cash for referring your friends? If you said “YES” to any of these questions, you need to look into Ebates!!!

Not only is it FREE to sign up, Ebates will start your account off with $5.00 when you do. With over 1200 stores to choose from, Ebates has the cash back opportunity for you!!!

All you have to do is start every online shopping “trip” through their site in order to get cash back on your purchases. The best part: they will automatically mail you a check or deposit it right into your Paypal account!!! If you’re feeling generous, you can also choose to donate it to your favorite charity.

Special Offer: If you refer 4 friends, you’ll get $40; 10 friends you’ll get a $100 gift card (your choice); 25 will score you a $250 gift card; and if you can refer up to 50 friends…how does an iPad2 sound to you?

So what are you waiting for??? To start earning cash back through Ebates, click here.

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