Happy Birthday to My Little Big Boy!!!

I love to make a big deal about my kids' birthdays, but sometimes it's just not possible (financially speaking). I am a full time stay-at-home mom and do try to watch every penny I spend. In other words, I do practice what I "preach". Other than being their "primary caretaker", I make crafts and manage this blog. That's it.
Today, my oldest son turned 5 years old. Being on a tight budget means I really need to get creative on how I celebrate special occasions. I asked my son a couple of weeks ago what he wanted for his birthday. His answer: "pizza and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and green sprinkles." As much as I would have LOVED to order a pizza for delivery, I opted for a popular frozen variety which was on sale at our local grocer: 5 for $10.00. I bought two for a total of $4.00 instead of $20.00 (plus tax and tip) for just one from our favorite restaurant.
Ironically, I actually won a coupon in an instant win game sponsored by the brand of pizza I bought. "Unfortunately", it hadn't arrived in the mail yet, so I couldn't use it towards the above purchase. Otherwise, I could have bought two pizzas for $2.00. I love coupons!

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I made the cupcakes myself. The box of cake mix was $1.39, the can of frosting with sprinkles included was $1.99 and the #5 candle was 99 cents. As for the decorations: I blew up a package of 25 balloons (five for each year of his life) and used 15 sheets of paper I already had at home to make "Happy Birthday" signs on my computer and spread them around the house. I got everything ready just in time for when he got home from school. He was so happy and kept repeating "WOW, thank you , Mommy".

For less than $15.00, I was able to give my son what he wanted for his birthday. It may not have included all the hoopla (and stress) that comes with planning a big bash, but he is happy. At the end of the day, that is the most important thing to me.


  1. That's awesome!! My daughter's 6th birthday is next week, and I think I just may have to steal this idea :o)

  2. Momma3J says:

    Happy (early) birthday to your daughter, Lisa!!! I originally had a different plan for the sign I wanted to make. But, I couldn't get my computer to cooperate. LOL. The way I see it, if I can make something myself for a fraction of the cost of having someone else do it, I will. Good luck with the plans for your daughter's birthday!!! (Matter of Cents)

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