Music Download Giveaway: Game #2

The last couple of months, I’ve been participating in a game/sweepstakes and one of the prizes you can win is a promo code good for two music downloads. Well, today I won FIVE promo codes. Ten songs that I am giving away to one or more of my readers.
The recent Poll question I posted (see results in the sidebar), showed 42% of the people who voted like games/sweeps. So, I am going to put together five different games so you can try to win them. Depending on participation, one person may win all five codes or up to five different people will win one each.
Side Note: I will be providing details about the game/sweepstakes where I won the music downloads. There are other great prizes available to win. I will either write an individual post, put them under the Games tab, or both. Please consider following my blog if you’re interested in the information. You can find the GFC and NetworkedBlogs boxes in the sidebar.
Game #2:
One of my favorite games as a child was “Hangman”. I thought this would be a fun way for one lucky reader to win a promo code good for two FREE music downloads.
How to Play:
I’ve made up a sentence where the letters are represented by an underscore ( _ ) and each word is separated by a back slash ( / ). You need to guess the letters that are missing by asking for one letter per person per comment. If your letter is in the sentence, I will replace the back slash ( _ ) with the letter in the following comment. If not, I will post the word “No” with whatever letter is incorrect. I was originally going to do symbols for each body part, but figured that might get a little confusing (more for me than the rest of you).
Please Note: I will be refreshing my screen to see if anyone posted a new letter. You should do the same if you want to see the updated “sentence” (if applicable).
Who Will Win:
You will start out working as a TEAM guessing the letters. However, the PERSON to post the correct sentence will win. IMPORTANT: if five people are posting letters, but a sixth person only guesses the puzzle, that person is NOT the winner. Only the people participating in the game are eligible to win the prize. Good luck!!!
See the first comment below. I am “Momma3J”.


  1. _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _!

  2. loverofmyspoon says:


  3. _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ T / _ _ _ _ / _ _ T T _ _!

  4. loverofmyspoon says:


  5. loverofmyspoon says:


  6. S

  7. _ _ _ R _ / _ _ _ T / _ _ _ _ / _ A T T _ R!

  8. loverofmyspoon says:


  9. _ _ _ R _ / _ _ _ T / _ _ _ S / _ A T T _ R!

  10. i

  11. loverofmyspoon says:


  12. E _ E R _ / _ E _ T / _ _ E S / _ A T T E R!

  13. No "I"

  14. No "H"

  15. m

  16. w

  17. celticgoddess731 says:


  18. Penny Pinching Patsy says:


  19. E _ E R _ / _ E _ T / _ _ E S / M A T T E R!

  20. No "W"

  21. loverofmyspoon says:

    mannnnn grrrr

  22. Every Beat Does Matter

  23. Way to go, celticgoddess wins again!!!

    E V E R Y / C E N T / D O E S / M A T T E R!

    That's the "motto" (and subtitle) of my blog. 🙂

  24. CORRECTION: I am so sorry, but I scrolled up and celticgoddess didn't guess any of the letters. 🙁

    I am going to use to pick a Winner

  25. Way to go…celticgoddess. congrats..It sure is harder to play on

  26. celticgoddess731 says:

    Oh geez… I'm sorry. I ruined the fun for everyone! 🙁

  27. One of the rules in the post stated you were working together as a team. Everyone had to participate in guessing the letters. Unless, there is a post from her prior to guessing the puzzle that I am not seeing, I will be picking the winner using

  28. NOT including the first comment with the blank puzzle in it, selected comment #7 as the Winner. CONGRATS TO "loverofmyspoon"!!! I need your e-mail address please.

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