Blogger: A Few Tutorials to Help You Number Your Comments

Days away from launching a BIG giveaway event, the thought of having to count hundreds (possibly thousands) of comment entries to find the Winner(s) was making me more than a little scared. So, I asked another blogger if there was a way to number the comments my readers make so the process could be a whole lot easier. She referred me to the post with a tutorial written by 1st Floor Flat Computery.
Unfortunately, after three attempts, I couldn’t get the HTML code to work using her tutorial. So, I started doing my own searches and remembered 1st Floor Flat Computery included the links to the three bloggers that helped put hers together. Go figure, the last one I tried (which was the first in the list) worked!!!
As always, please keep in mind what worked for me may not work for you and vice versa. You can read the tutorial by 1st Floor Flat Computery as well as the ones written by the following three:
Tech TNT — This one worked for me!!!
Good luck! I hope one of the above four will be the lucky code that works for you! Feel free to comment and let me know which one it was.


  1. Thank you! I needed this!

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