CVS Pharmacy: Shopping with Birthday Money

For me, couponing is a hobby. I don’t think I will ever be considered an “extreme couponer“. The way I see it: as long as I save more than I spend, then I’ve done well. I also rarely hang onto the CVS Extra Care Bucks (ECBs) until my next shopping trip. More often than not, I use them in a second transaction as soon as I get them.
Today’s trip turned out pretty good. I went armed with a coupon for the razor and the $3.00 “gift” that was e-mailed to me for my birthday.
Here is the breakdown:
Transaction #1:
Schick Quattro Razor
On sale $8.99 ($10.99 regular price)
-$2.00 Manuf. Coupon
-$3.00 Birthday Money
After tax, I paid $4.56
Total Saved: $7.00
Received: $4.00 ECB
Transaction #2:
The following items were On Sale 88 cents each
Regular price in parenthesis
Can of Diced Tomatoes ($1.19)
Can of Creamed Corn ($1.19)
Box of Spaghetti ($1.49)
Box of Elbow Pasta ($1.49)
Container of Onion Powder ($.99)
-$4.00 ECB from Transaction #1
After tax, I paid 50 cents.
Total Saved: $5.95
I saved a grand total of almost $13.00 between the two transactions and only spent $5.00 of my own money.

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