Help Me Reach My Birthday Goal!

The Birthday Bash Giveaway is coming to an end. Thursday, April 21st, is my birthday. It is also the last day for everyone to enter to win all the great prizes which were donated by some pretty fabulous Sponsors. They didn’t know this, but I had a “secret fan goal” to reach my age plus two zeroes on the Facebook page before the giveaway ended.
While that may have been a little unrealistic considering where I started, I always try to challenge myself…no matter what. I may be short (5’4″), but I always aim high. Speaking of challenges, is there any chance any of my fabulous fans and followers would be willing to help me reach my goal? How about if I add another prize to the album if we do?
Keeping in mind there are only FOUR days left, we would all need to Share the Matter of Cents Facebook page with our friends. Spread the word as much as you can. If you have a blog or Twitter page, please tweet or post about it there too.
The Goal: My age plus two zeroes (3900).
The Prize: Another Mystery Prize PACK valued at a minimum of $50.00!!!
Are you up for it? If so, you can start by using the handy-dandy “Share” buttons at the end of this post. Thanks, in advance, for your support and participation. I KNOW we can do this!


  1. Shared on our Facebook page. Happy early birthday and good luck in reaching your goal. 🙂

    God bless,
    Shannon at Country Bob's

  2. A fan of your facebook page! Happy Birthday… old? LOL Good luck reaching the intended goal!!!

    Cindy Zuckerbrod-Fried

  3. facbk fan…happy bday…5'4 is not so short

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