Mission POSSIBLE Game #14: $10 Restaurant.com Gift Card (4 Winners)

$25 Restaurant Gift Certificates for only $10!

Prize: $10.00 Restaurant.com Gift Card
Sponsor: Matter of Cents

1. Visit Restaurant.com
2. Click on the Find Restaurants tab
3. Do a Zip Code Search for where you live
4. Come back here and tell me how many restaurants and at least the name of ONE that will accept a $10 Restaurant.com gift certificate. Information provided WILL be verified!!!

This giveaway will close at 10:00pm CDT. I will use Random.org to pick the FOUR Winners among the CORRECT responses in this post. Yes, I will be verifying the information you put in the comments. Good luck!!!


  1. Bethany Poole – 2 in my zip – Chucks Sports Bar in Richmond, Indiana

  2. sissasma says:

    76 The Neighbors
    Rebecca Rendon

  3. amy16323 says:

    there is one place in pleasantville pa and corkys in pleasantville takes them
    my name is amy deeter

  4. Tiffaney says:

    1 restaurant within 15 miles!! Prestons Steak House! (37847)

  5. 14 in my zip code, 47711, Gerst Haus

  6. Moonglow283 says:

    there are only 6 within 15 miles of my zip code and Alvarez will accept a $10 gift certificate. Amanda Knittel Herman is my name, I will verify my zip with you if I get drawn, I don't want to share it in the comments.

  7. 30 Rest. within 15 miles of 49508
    36th St lounge
    Tricia Batchelder

  8. 25 different restaurants. One is Juanita's Mexican Kitchen.

    Jennifer Hokanson

  9. Michelle says:

    2 in zip 33765, 1 (Queen's Pizza) looks like it will take it.

  10. 26 in my area.

  11. just 1- Ranch House Cafe

    Dawn Sartell

  12. michelle combs says:

    16 restaurants for 39208 zip code

    Time Out Sports Cafe will accept a $10 Restaurant.com certificate

  13. d006cf28-6247-11e0-a513-000f20980440 says:

    15 within 5 miles of zip 60435
    Metro Grill & bar

    Dawn Rivera Razo

  14. 1 in my zip code (40330)
    CLOUD'S will accept the $10 gift certificate

  15. Carolyn D says:

    74 restaurants within 10 miles of zipcode 33065, but only 54 restaurants have exactly $10 certificates for $5 including Authentic Brooklyn Pizza.

  16. Katherine says:

    2 in my zip.. Roasted peppers

  17. b2283a82-624c-11e0-aff3-000bcdca4d7a says:

    7 + one sold out (so 8) with in 15 miles of my town. Grille 57 is the one I would love to go to!! 01452 is my zip and My name is Nicole Thebeau,now that your fans can find me.

  18. Katherine says:

    I mrean 8! Roasted peppers.

  19. ***WINNERS*** are:

    Comment #13 by Dawn R.
    Comment #7 by Tricia B.
    Comment #12 by Michelle C.
    Comment # 15 by Carolyn D.

    (written by Matter of Cents)

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