Mission POSSIBLE Game #16: Envelope of Coupons


Prize: Envelope of various coupons (actual coupons will vary from picture)
Sponsor: Hayden Coupon Mom
Website: http://haydencouponmom.blogspot.com/

1. Go to her website
2. Click on the tab for her Reference Guide
3. Read through the list of sections she has compiled in it
4. Come back here and comment below on which topic you would be the most excited to read about and why

This giveaway will close at 9:30pm CDT. I will use Random.org to pick the Winner among the responses in this post. Good luck!!!


  1. -Getting started one store at a time
    —Becky DeAnda

  2. Allysonortiz says:

    How to build your stock pile

  3. Printing coupons on-line; savvy printing. I'd like to know if there is a way to waste less paper lol πŸ™‚

    dawn sartell

  4. I would read How to stock my coupon binder-because we have issues with coupons and policies here.
    Bobbi McCormick.
    blm2331 at yahoo dot com

  5. Sam World says:

    *How to use your coupons to Maximize Savings and Why we love BOGO Items!

    Double coupons placesw I want to know where they are this is my own Question πŸ™‚

  6. Ashley Anderson- Rain Checks!

    I just went into a store on a killer sale and they were out. A lot of people were bummed but I asked for a rain check. Many people walked up to me and said how they didn't even know stores still do that!

  7. Katherine says:

    How To use your coupons for maximum savings and why we love BOGO items! I'm just starting out and I don't think I'm saving enough! Lol

  8. drazo1026 says:

    How to use your coupons to Maximize Savings and Why we love BOGO Items because I just started couponing and would love to learn how to use coupons more efficiently

  9. musiclover234eva says:

    How to use your coupons to Maximize Savings and Why we love BOGO Items! Would love to know how to save as much as I can!

  10. I would like to learn more about the coupon binder. I need to learn how to organise my coupons. I am the lady at the checkout that has coupons falling out of her pocket and just stuffed in her purse.

  11. ~CrIsSyWiLsOn~ says:

    I would love to read all of it…but if I can only pick one, it would be… Tips for making your shopping trip enjoyable! I am just starting my fabulous couponing journey and I forsee myself getting very overwhelmed and stressed out! This would probably be very helpful to me!!
    following your blog as


  12. ***WINNER*** COMMENT #5 by Sam World (written by Matter of Cents)

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