Swag Bucks: Donate FREE to Japan Relief Effort Until May 2nd!

If you could donate to help a worthy cause without spending any money, would you do it? The folks at Swagbucks are still accepting donations of member “bucks” until 12pm Pacific Time on May 2nd. Their goal is to assist Japan in the aftermath of the devasting earthquake and tsunami that hit them a few weeks ago. There is a chart on the donation page which shows how the “bucks” will be converted into cash.
There are so many ways to earn “bucks” and you can read about most of them here. No matter how big or small your donation is, you can add them back to your account pretty quickly.
Not a member of Swagbucks yet? Here is a Special Offer for you: Sign up by clicking here and enter the code HelpJapan during registration to earn a BONUS of 50 additional Swag Bucks for your account!

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