Winners: 2000 Fan Giveaway

First, I really want to thank everyone who shared my page with their friends and fans. I couldn’t have reached 2000 without your help. As this giveaway has comes to a close, be ready for the next one. From April 7th through the 21st, I will be hosting “The Birthday Bash Giveaway”.

Congratulations to the Winners!!! I wish I could give a prize to all of you, but picked the following Comment #s/People to win the $25 e-gift cards:

Comment #: 3 Donna Zeigler Roucoulet
Referred By: None Listed

Comment #: 27 Allen n Holly G.
Referred By: None Listed

Comment #: 2 Kingfish
Referred By: None Listed

They have all been sent an e-mail and must claim their prize within 72 hours. If not, it will automatically be forfeited and used as a “flash giveaway” prize during the Birthday Bash Giveaway.

Here’s your chance to voice your opinion…The Winners selected by did not mention if they were referred by a person or other fan page. It wasn’t a requirement to do so. However, the $5.00 gift cards were intended to be referral prizes.

Should I…(1) award the gift cards to the three people/fan pages that referred the most fans (per the comments listed in the original giveaway post) OR (2) save the gift cards and use them as “flash giveaway” prizes during the “Birthday Bash Giveaway”? Voting ends on April 6, 2011 (the day before the other Giveaway begins, so I can plan accordingly…thanks for your input!!!).


  1. I'd just be happy to get one if I were either.

  2. CRichman says:

    your newest follower from the hop
    please stop by

  3. Allen n Holly G says:

    YAY! Thanks so much! I didn't receive an email? Can I ask what email you used? Was it

  4. Allen n Holly G says:

    I want to claim it! πŸ™‚

  5. I would pick option #2 πŸ˜‰

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