Guest Post: Buying a House is so Difficult

Contribution by Prince Raymond

There are few things harder to deal with in life than buying a new home. There are the realtor fees, the closing costs, and all the crazy tax implications to boot. Thank goodness my dad was an attorney and knew a lot about real estate and how to buy a house the most efficient way possible. He helped me lay all the groundwork and when I found the right pace, I was totally ready to go for it. I went ahead and bought all the furniture I would need and even hired a designer to help! me do all the window treatments. I also found some wireless internet service packages in my area so I’d be connected right away and got a friend of mine to take off work so he could help me move. My dad was really happy for me to make such a grown up move and I’m so thankful I had him there to help guide me through it. Who would have guessed that after so many years of renting I’d finally be a homeowner!

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