Still Accepting Sponsors For Two BIG Blog Events!

Do you or someone you know:
1. Own a business?
2. Make a craft?
3. Sell a product?
4. Offer a service?
Are you or someone you know interested in expanding your customer reach?
Would you consider sponsoring my blog by donating a prize to one or two lucky readers?

If you or someone you know falls into any of the above categories, please follow the links below to TWO separate events scheduled in June. Please note: each has a specific “theme”. Both have several bloggers registered (see number in parenthesis), all will be giving away prizes valued at $50 or more! Some will have prizes worth hundreds of dollars.

For more info on each event as well as appropriate items to donate, please read each post carefully. You may donate a prize for both events if you’d like or the one that interests you most. In either case, I am very much looking forward to working with all of the Sponsors in these events.

Father’s Day Event June 16-19 Sign Up Form (50+ Bloggers)

Blog Bash 2011 June 22-26 Sign Up Form (Up to 150 Bloggers)

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