Chef’s Requested Foods: Filet Mignon

Lunch: Two bacon-wrapped filet mignon
Fed: Two people
Cost: Twenty-five cents each (yes, that says 25 CENTS each)

Facebook ROCKS when it comes to discovering freebies and deals! Several weeks ago I heard about Chef’s Requested Foods from a friend. She “shared” their Facebook fan page and it showed up in my news feed. As it turned out, it was Filet Mignon Friday. Of course, I clicked on the link because I wanted to see what it was about for myself.

One of their posts that evening was an offer to receive a coupon for one FREE filet mignon. All you had to do was share their page and if three people commented with your name that you referred them, they would mail you the coupon. Not only did I click on the Share button, but I also posted in my status telling my friends what the deal was. Luckily, three people came through for me and my coupon showed up in the mail approximately two weeks later.

The next step was to figure out where Chef’s Requested Foods was sold. I used their Store Locator and was pretty excited to see my local grocery store carried their product. I was ecstatic to see that they were also ON SALE. Could it get any better??? YES, IT COULD. I looked at the coupon to make sure I was getting the right item and noticed you could either get one free filet mignon OR up to $7.00 off any other item. Score!!!

The regular price at the store for a Chef’s Requested Foods pack of two bacon-wrapped filet mignon was $7.99. The sale price: Buy 1 Get 1 Free!!! Let’s do the math together: $7.99 – $7.00 = 99 cents. Plus, one package free!!! I am still in awe of this purchase. It’s probably one of the best deals I’ve ever gotten in the short time I’ve been couponing. Four (4) bacon-wrapped filet mignon for 99 cents (plus tax, of course). They were delicious too! If the company could just get someone to run their Facebook page that was as “good” as their products, they would get five stars from me!

Getting a great deal doesn’t have to be a one-time thing. As long as you do your research, ask questions, and are able to keep a watchful eye for sales and coupons, it will be worth the effort!

What’s the best deal YOU’VE gotten at the grocery store?


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