Peapod: The Real Deal for Groceries Delivered to Your Home!


I LOVE PEAPOD!!! In fact, I love them so much I decided to write a Top 10 List of why I love them. First I’m going to give you a little background about why I am using them.

Due to the fact that I have three young children, I opted to be a stay-at-home mom. Well, unfortunately, most families cannot adequately live on one income anymore, so I “promoted myself” to a work-at-home mom. Still, the income wasn’t enough to afford the monthly payments and upkeep of two cars. So, we gave one up which my husband drives to and from work daily and is usually gone most of the day.


This makes it more than a little difficult to get to the grocery store on a regular basis. Taking a cab or asking another family member for a ride is not possible because all three kids are still required to be strapped in car seats. Can you imagine the nightmare?! Kids + groceries + car seats + someone else’s car = me tearing out my hair. I have walked to the closest CVS Pharmacy with them in the double stroller, but that’s not an option when I need to buy the bigger, bulkier things like bottled water and laundry detergent. I needed another solution.

Peapod Online Grocery Shopping and Delivery was that solution. Here are the Top 10 reasons why I love them:

    1. Convenience! All I have to do is log into my account, fill my cart, and check out.
    2. Coupons! All I do is clip, print, and give them to the driver.
    3. Crowd Control! No standing in line or dealing with crabby customers (or cashiers).
    4. Customer Service is great!
    5. Delivery charge is less than a gourmet coffee OR it’s FREE with minimum order.
    6. Flexible! My order will be delivered during the time frame I am available to accept it.
    7. Fresh! I swear the produce they pick looks better than what I would choose!
    8. Incentives! Get $10 off your first order at Peapod Click Here!
    9. Sales. There is a special section on their website which shows the current week’s deals.
    10. Save Time. While they are “shopping” for me, I am working on things at home.
I would love to know if you’ve ever used Peapod or any other grocery delivery service. Feel free to share your experiences by commenting below.


  1. Gah!!! They are not in my area and nor is anyone else that delivers 🙁 I swear I have been saying it for years that I would gladly pay a small delivery fee or monthly fee for it. Soooooo worth it!! I seriously hope they make it my way. I know there has to be tons of people that would use a service like that.

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  3. I have never used a grocery service but we do have the option at some stores in town to call the grocery store, have them put it together and then a cab would deliver the items or a local delivery service that has the contract with the store. My grandmother does this and it works great for her, especially since she doesn’t have a car. For me, I literally have a grocery store less than 2 blocks from my house so I have always felt guilty about calling for delivery. LOL! When we move to the farm, it just won’t be an option. I’m from Canada so this service isn’t offered to me but it sounds like a really great service for US residents; thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. I’ve always wanted to try Peapod – such a smart idea!

  5. First of all, I can’t believe you actually stay home with your kids all day…
    I think I’d go crazy without my van…but we’re a one car family too…my hubs and BIL own a catering company and my hubs gets picked up every Am…phew…
    and this service sounds awesome…I’ll def have to check it out…taking my kids to the store with me makes me want to pull my hair out…

  6. Wow, that IS convenient!

  7. Wow, thanks for giving this great tip! I never even know they existed before this. That would save so much time.

    Whirlwind of Surprises

  8. Wow, thanks for giving this great tip! I never even knew they existed before this. That would save so much time.

    Whirlwind of Surprises

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