New Blog Design: Family Friendly and Opportunity Driven

I am so excited about the new design and layout of my blog. On self-hosted WordPress, I installed the Graphene theme and hired Raphael at Just Married With Graphics to handle everything else. Literally.Β I consider myself to be extremely internet savvy but only somewhat tech savvy. However, when it comes to dealing with code and creating buttons, I get lost very easily. It was best to let the expert handle it. I also can’t draw to save my life, but he can…and very well I might add! He took the time to ask me exactly what I wanted and made it happen.

When I finally decided to move forward with the blog makeover, I knew I had to have my kids incorporated in some way, shape or form. The blue, green, and pink are colors I “assigned” to them as babies (two boys and one girl). It was a way for me to teach them early on how to identify their own personal belongings. Pink also happens to be my favorite color. The three piggy banks not only relate to the theme of “saving money”, but “The Three Little Pigs” also happens to be one of the kids’ favorite stories (especially the way it’s portrayed in an episode of Nick Jr.’sΒ The Wonder Pets).

Although I wanted to create something fun and personal, I also want it to be informative and professional. This blog is my fourth “baby”. Maintaining it so it grows into something wonderful is my #1 goal. The future is looking bright. I have several more giveaway events planned (see sidebar) as well as product reviews and some new topics to add as well.

Thanks for being here and reading my updates. I hope you’ll keep coming back to see what I have in store for you over the next several weeks. Do you own a blog? How tech savvy are you? Are there any features you incorporated so it relates to someone special in your life?


  1. Adelina,

    I LOVE the new look and your signature.

    Too many blog makeovers might have me itching for a new look and I just finished my migration to WP. (well, it needs some structural fussing…)

  2. I have 6 owls in my header- for my 6 kids πŸ™‚

  3. It looks great! Very cohesive and fun, I love it, congrats.

  4. this is great! I love it! I REALLY need a new layout for mine. :/

  5. I thought things looked a little different. Love your new look πŸ˜‰ Looks great.

  6. Love the new look and not because I am biased πŸ˜‰ You did an awesome job picking a free theme, its one of the best ones I’ve seen! Great stuff!!

    • bella0421 says:

      Thanks!!! That really means a lot coming from you, Dawn. I absolutely LOVE your design and, to be completely honest, I toggled back and forth between JMWC and JMWG to decide what I wanted for mine. πŸ™‚

  7. I’m not tech-y at all. Thank god for Becky Willis or I would not have a blog right now.. surely I would’ve majorly screwed my WP switch up.

    • bella0421 says:

      LOL, Sadie! I love the challenge of trying to figure out some things on my own. For some reason, buttons and I don’t get along.

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