Squeaky Shoes Review

In a “perfect world”, all product reviews would be positive. Unfortunately, that is just not possible in every situation. I was recently given the opportunity to review a pair of Squeaky Shoes by Dress My Girls. They were also a Sponsor of Matter of Cents in the “Christmas in July” event.

Given that my daughter wears pink 99.9% of the time, I requested that a pair of either pink and/or white shoes be sent for review. As you can see in the photo on the right, I received a pair of blue shoes.

Needless to say, I was not pleased. However, since my daughter saw them when I opened the box, I allowed her to try them on. As soon as she realized the shoes squeaked (they are called Squeaky Shoes, after all), she started jumping up and down and running around the house to make the shoes squeak even more. I appreciate the fact that my daughter was having fun, but am completely disappointed that these shoes don’t coordinate with anything that she owns.

When I asked why I was sent a pair of blue shoes when I requested pink, I was told that was all she had in stock. Not good. Why? First, who would be “okay” with walking into a shoe store and having the sales person only ask for a size and expect you to buy them? I know I am not. Color and style are a part of the shoe-buying process. I wasn’t allowed those options. Second, when I was e-mailed the photos she wanted in the giveaway post, ALL except for one pair had pink in them. The only “offer” I received to exchange the shoes were to ship them back and then wait to be reimbursed for the cost. Not acceptable.

Adding insult to injury, come to find out AFTER the event ended that the owner misrepresented the “prize value” of the shoes. Here is the description listed on her Facebook page of the blue shoes I was sent: “Alligator sole. Light blue closed toe squeaky sandals with white flowers. Sizes 5,6,7,8,9–one of each size. $9 shipped. Stoppers are $1 for a set”. As for the Mary Janes directly above, the description says: “All of these shoes are $15 shipped or 2 pairs for $29”. On the Sponsor form she completed to participate in the Christmas in July event, she claimed they were valued at $25.

Other issues with the shoes themselves: My daughter has started to walk on her “tippy toes” when she wears them because she doesn’t want them to squeak anymore. Also, her feet sweat a great deal in them ultimately make them stinky too.

Buyer (and Blogger) Beware. I do not recommend this company or their product.

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post other than one pair of Squeaky Shoes to review. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review. All thoughts and ideas expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


  1. Wow, being that they’re a shoe company, it seems reasonable that they would’ve shipped you the color you requested and when they weren’t the right ones, exchanged them right away. I’ve never worked with a company who wouldn’t follow through on an agreement. And then to misrepresent the value of the shoes…disappointing. I think the most important part of all this is how your daughter is walking, trying to prevent the squeak. That can NOT be good for her development. I think it’s a cute idea as a shoe, but I think a pediatrician wouldn’t be so thrilled with what it’s doing to your daughter’s walk. Thank you for your honesty in regards to this review. I hate it when bloggers feel obligated to only say nice things about a company or product. If I find out differently, I never know if I can trust their reviews or not. Clearly, your honesty is going to help others as well!

  2. Wow… craziness. First, the company rep should’ve told you that they were out of pink (which I find hard to believe) BEFORE shipping a different pair to you. When a blogger receives a product for review, that is his/her payment for their time. They have to take into account everything about the product, write an original review, promote the company to it’s fullest, and at the same time… be honest. I’m glad you shared your experience honestly, and I hope this company takes that into consideration when working with other bloggers. I really hope she doesn’t treat her customers in this manner.. she won’t be in business long that way.

  3. Definitely steering clear of these guys. Honestly, the shoes your daughter are wearing aren’t even cute compared to the ones in the other pictures. When a company sends a blogger an item to review, they have to remember it is JUST like the blogger BUYING the item. The blogger is providing a great service for the company, and if the company is treating the BLOGGER this way, imagine how they are treating the CUSTOMER that isn’t even offering them anything in return? EEK!!

  4. Not a good look for that shoe company.

  5. What a terrible experience! I know that I would NOT want blue shoes, either.

  6. Lindsey Price says:

    I have to look at both sides here. Are you, the blogger, just upset that the company was out of your daughter’s size and were mad that you didn’t receive your first choice in color? You did receive free shoes. I am assuming there is a deadline to send you review items. If that is all they had, the company probably did the best they could. I actually think the shoes are adorable. And it is hotter than H@#$ outside–don’t we all sweat in the summer. and if your daughter doen’t like the squeakers, then take them out and enjoy the cute shoes–geez. Lighten up blogger!!

    • bella0421 says:

      I appreciate your feedback. However, as far as I’m concerned, being a blogger is the exact same as a food or movie critic. How would you feel if you trusted the opinion of someone and found out they lied to you after you spent you own money on a product they endorsed? I would be extremely angry and would discontinue following them. I would also lose the respect of fellow bloggers, whom I truly value, for writing a dishonest review. I also have my own crafts business and occasionally submit my product for review…yes, to bloggers. I always ask EXACTLY what they would like to receive for review. I do not carry any stock. All items are custom made when ordered for the specific purpose of ensuring customer satisfaction. It is obvious the blue shoes were not the only ones in stock considering she also e-mailed me several other pairs, for the giveaway, which did have pink in them. I was a customer in this situation. In exchange for the free shoes, she received a great deal of exposure during a major event. I did not receive good service and that is as important to me as the product itself. I have stopped shopping at large chain stores because of terrible service. A small boutique is not exempt from that.

    • Okay, I really want to address the misconception that bloggers are receiving “free” items. They are not free, they are compensation for more exposure to the company. It takes time to test out a product and write a quality review (note, a quality review does not always mean a strictly positive review). When we agree to review a product, it’s under the assumption that we will be sent the one we actually want to review. Now, it’s one thing if the exact model or style of something isn’t in stock, so the company sends the next closest thing. But she asked for something pink and/or white, and they sent her blue. That’s a huge difference.

      I’m not trying to be argumentative, I am totally non-confrontational. I just want to point out the side of the blogger here, as I don’t think it’s unreasonable to request a product that she will actually use in exchange for all the work she did to promote the company. If the company had nothing else in stock aside from the complete opposite color that was requested, the smarter thing to do would have been to contact the blogger and say “hey, I’m having major stock issues right now. Should we hold off on the review until we have the right color in stock or do you want me to go ahead and send the blue ones?” Or something like that, rather than just sending the other ones and assuming that would be fine.

  7. Yikes! Not good! Thats too bad bc those shoes are super cute but customer service is more important than cuteness!

  8. wow…what a shady company….I’m sorry you had to go through so much drama for shoes for your daughter…and really? if I ordered something for myself and was sent another item I’d be livid, so why should that be acceptable for my child?
    I know it wasn’t the review you set out to write, but you did a good job…sometimes it’s hard to be truthful

    • bella0421 says:

      You are absolutely right! I literally agonized over writing this. It’s not fun writing about a negative experience, but I think stating I liked something when I truly didn’t would be lying to my readers and that is worse. I’d rather keep their trust.

  9. You asked for a pink pair IF they had them in stock–which they did not. You stated you would review WHATEVER item was sent. When you originally received the shoes you stated you and your daughter LOVED them and you capitalized LOVE. You stated she was so happy to be squeaking around and was so excited. As far as the $9–this was the clearance price for the last 3 pairs of sheos that were left for an end of the summer sale. This was not the original price of the shoes. You were told that if you were unhappy with the shoes that you could return them and a FULL REFUND for shipping would be sent to you. The way you described it is not the truth. It appears you are upset b/c you wanted a free pair of shoes in your daughter’s favorite color and when the company was out of your first color choice, you got upset. Dress My Girls is a reputable company with thousands of happy and repeat customers. Let’s see if you post this to be fair to all. Everyone deserves the right to defend themselves. There are 2 sides to every story!!!!
    Here is the email I copied about the shoes.
    From: dressmygirls@yahoo.com
    Subject: Re: giveaway
    Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2011 12:20:12 -0700
    To: bella0421@msn.com

    Will you be writing a positive review on your blog about the squeaky shoes I sent your daughter?
    Since you stated your daughter does not wear blue, if she does not wear them, please return them to me and I will reimburse your shopping costs.


    • bella0421 says:

      I save e-mail messages too, Laura. Here was my reply to your e-mail:
      From: bella0421@msn.com
      To: dressmygirls@yahoo.com
      Subject: RE: giveaway
      Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2011 19:56:14 -0600
      Here is a link to my PR page. http://matterofcents.net/pr-info/ Product samples are not returnable.
      I kept up my end of the deal by showcasing your page in the giveaway. Here is the link to that post: http://matterofcents.net/2011/07/27/christmas-in-july-giveaway-hop-sponsor-dress-my-girls/. I also did a shout-out on my Facebook page (which has over 13,000 fans), tagged your page, and you turned around and deleted it. You gained hundreds of Facebook fans from the event, which was your goal. I know because I wrote down your start # before the event began.
      The disclaimer I state at the bottom of every review & giveaway post is that I am not required to provide a positive review. Feel free to reference the second link for that info as well.
      With that said, I will go ahead and write a review, but it will be an HONEST one which will include the scenario I described in my last message and you sending the wrong color shoes.

      • bella0421 says:

        P.S. I asked for “pink and/or white”. If you didn’t have one, you should have provided the other, especially since you were able to provide photos of other styles you had in stock.

        • It is difficult for you to understand how our company works. I don’t know how to make it anymore clear that our inventory is always changing and we did NOT have a pink or white pair of shoes IN STOCK in your daughters size. We had to send you what we had in time for the giveaway. You stated you would be happy with any shoes we sent.

          • bella0421 says:

            Laura, it’s actually not “difficult” at all for me to understand. I have excellent communication with my customers who purchase craft items from me. They are always given a choice. I was not. It’s as simple as that. All you had to do was say “I don’t have pink or white, but I do have these colors in stock”. Somehow, I do find it difficult to believe the ONLY pair of shoes you had in stock were blue. If you expect to run a business based on stock on-hand, then I suggest you invest the money to ensure you have a wide assortment available so your customers can choose what they have their children wear.

      • MatterofCents says:

        The Winner of the giveaway has not heard from you yet. Do you plan on contacting her soon to fulfill the prize she won???

    • Are you aware that is against FTC regulations to purchase a positive review? If you plan to work with bloggers I suggest you read up on their guidelines. You’re essentially asking her for a positive review because you sent her a product. That’s not how it works, sorry. It is required that ALL bloggers be HONEST in their reviews. You don’t often see negative product reviews by bloggers because most will offer the company the option to send a new product or not have a review posted at all if the blogger isn’t happy with the item sent.

      In your other comment (below) it seems you harbor some ill feelings towards bloggers receiving what you state as “FREE” products in exchange for a review posted on their blog. Is this always, or only when something negative has been written about your company? You clearly didn’t feel this way prior to this review or else you would not have HIRED her to review your shoes….right?! She’s STUPID for reviewing your shoes as if she’d actually bought them but I’m willing to bet had she raved about those blue shoes you would’ve been OK with it? No, she didn’t pay you $9 in CASH, she sent you tons of FREE fans and FREE advertising (see how that works?) If she got a FREE product, you got a ton a FREE publicity. No?

  10. I charge $25 to write a post up about a business, so assuming you would do something similar, the shoes were not “free”. It was a trade, and she didn’t hold up her deal of the bargain. I’m glad that you did.

  11. Would it have been hard to tell you that she was out of pink and white and ASK if blue would be ok? I work with plenty of company’s who’s stock is constantly changing and I’ve never had this issue.

    I also don’t like how she requested a positive review.

  12. As a blogger, you should not be compelled to right a positive reviews. We bloggers, right reviews for companies based on our honest opinions of the product, customer service, and company. We are in no way required to write positively about a company/product if we did not feel that the company/product performed in a positive way. We are only asked to give our honest opinions. If our honest opinion of the product/company is that we would not recommend them to our fellow readers, then that is what our honest opinion is. We shouldn’t have to lie (especially writing reviews) just to please the company. We are reviewing the product for hundreds of people to read. If we were dissatisfied with the company/product, we shouldn’t be obliged to promote that company/product. Talk about false advertising.

    The company should have been more friendly about the situation. If they did not have your preference in stock, they should have SAID something to you before they shipped out the review product. This entire situation could’ve been avoided with proper communication from the company’s end. You would’ve simply declined the review offer, and that would’ve been it. Because they sent you the wrong choice of shoe, you-as a blogger- are required to write your honest opinion of the product, company, and customer service. The fact that she asked you to ship them back is just unacceptable. Review samples/products are not returnable- no matter what.

    I recently worked with a chocolate company. And when I received my chocolates, some of the were melted. Granted that the weather is HOT as a firecracker outside, I knew there was a possibility that this issue was going to occur. What did I do? I simply contacted the company and told them that some were melted, and that I was going to go ahead and write my review based on the samples that made it without melted. What did THEY do? They told me that it was O.K and they apologized for the melted samples, and even offered to send me a new one when the weather cooled down. That’s what I call customer service.

    I hope you don’t have to experience this again. Just ridiculous.

    • bella0421 says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Aly. I actually attempted to opt out of writing the review because the wrong item was sent. However, the sponsor continued to e-mail me and insisted I write it. My review/giveaway policies will definitely be changing after this experience. It will be extremely clear what is acceptable and what is not.

      • Once again, Adelina–you are not telling the truth. You emailed me asking about the blog and your site. You also emailed me asking you numerous time for shoes and when I told you I was not able to send them, you said you will review whatever we send. Please get your facts straight.

        • MatterofCents says:

          I was willing to review “whatever” as long as it was “pink and/or white”.

  13. WOW! If I hadn’t read all the exchanges shared above I would have had a hard time believing all this drama over a pair of $9 shoes that are on clearance and probably not available at all.
    I am always eager to learn from experienced women about how to review and work with companies. Thank you for showing me that it won’t always be easy and that there will be companies that are looking for something for free. How funny that the companies often spear bloggers with that same thought – trying to get something for free?!
    Thanks for posting your review–I hope it helps your reputation as a fair reviewer!

  14. The shoes were not FREE they came with a price! Your time in promoting the company and sending YOUR readers to their Facebook page. Not only that but they lied to you about the cost of the shoes which made you misinform your readers. It’s important to me (especially in a large event) that I am honest about the value of the products I am giving away. We never want to mislead our readers. I felt that you gave an HONEST review, which included the good and the bad. What more can a company ask for? She knew that you were not satisfied and yet she still wanted a review…that is what you gave her. I have to wonder if I was a paying customer that ordered pink shoes would I have been shipped the blue shoes as well….because that’s what was in stock? That is ridiculous!

  15. Dress My Girls says:


    You may not know, but Dress My Girls was started as a way to provide shoes and clothes to parents at affordable prices. The first pair of Squeaky Shoes I bought for my daughter were $45 and I purchased them at a boutique in a strip mall. I sell the same brand and type on my Facebook Page for $25. This is the bargain!! We are a very small business that is strictly on Facebook. So you may think that you are punishing the corporate man, when really you are simply being a selfish blogger. You received a free pair of shoes for basically writing slander about my business. The fact that you say you are not compensated for writing your reviews is a bold lie. You receive free merchandise in order to write your review. Please let me know the last time you wrote a blog about a company without receiving free stuff, or should I say compensation for writing your blog!! You write as if you actually ordered a pair of shoes from us and then we shipped you the wrong shoe. When in fact we simply shipped you a free pair of shoes in exchange for a blog about the shoes!!! You really need to get off your high horse and think about what you are writing about. Please feel free to purchase any of the shoes we have in stock and I will gladly send you what you paid for. Blogging about your experience as if you actually ordered a pair of shoes is, well STUPID!!

    Based on your comments it is obvious you do not understand the amount of money it takes to keep inventory. We generally order two to three pairs of each style in the same size. With that being said I have tens of thousands of dollars tied up in inventory and just like any company, doesn’t all sell, hence the reduction in price to simply liquidate my inventory. This allows me to order more products and keep my customers happy.

    We are NOT a shoe store, but simply a stay at home Mom that decided to spend her own money in order to provide affordable squeaky shoes and smocked clothing at a very affordable price point. This allows many families the ability to purchase these items, without my site they would not be able to. So shame on you for being such a pompous person and feeling that you were shafted by not receiving a pink pair of shoes. The way you described the transaction is as if you were an actual paying customer. Remember I basically gave you a free pair of shoes for you to slander my business, because you didn’t get the exact color you wanted. Maybe you should buy a pair like most people do and you would get the color and style that you want. You never stated that you only wanted a pair of pink shoes. You stated you would be happy with whatever we sent. My guess is that your daughter loves them—as all kids do.

    Also realize that making handmade items and selling them is not the same as holding thousands of dollars in inventory. You may think you know what it is like to do business with Dress My Girls, but you simply know what it is like to take free stuff and then slander a company because you are a simple person. I have tried to make you happy by offering to exchange the shoes and refund you return shipping, but you simply just want to write a bad review. I am sorry you felt like you deserved to get a pink pair of shoes that I didn’t have in stock. What you really do not realize is that because of the price of these shoes we sell out of what we order quickly. When we reorder them, they do not come in the next day and we order in quantities of hundreds of pairs. So sorry that I didn’t order over a thousand dollars of shoes to give you the pink pair you requested (key word being requested).

    • Ma’am,

      I would have possibly still checked you out despite Adelina’s experience. Not everyone is going to have a positive experience with every company they work with. And writing about her experience as though she bought the item is kind of the point when reviewing.

      You didn’t give her free things. She did promotion for you prior to even writing this review.

      All that aside, your responses to her in the comments are very unprofessional and THAT is making you look worse than the experiences documented in the review above.

      • Dress My Girls says:

        Darcy–We have worked too hard and spend way too much money for some woman to write incorrect information and to slander our company. She was told we were out of her daughter’s size in the color pink and she responded that she would then review whatever we sent. When we have a paying customer, we send out invoices detailing their size, color and style so that there are no mistakes with shipping. Her review was not about our shoes, but her being upset she didn’t get a pink pair.

        • MatterofCents says:

          Apparently, you missed this part of the review: “Other issues with the shoes themselves: My daughter has started to walk on her “tippy toes” when she wears them because she doesn’t want them to squeak anymore. Also, her feet sweat a great deal in them ultimately make them stinky too.”

        • Honestly, I could care less about the details of your correspondence. It is unprofessional to comment in this manner on a less than favorable review and resort to personal attacks (calling her stupid and a simple person.)

          You are arguing on the internet, for one.

          I don’t write all positive reviews all the time, but I’ve NEVER had a company or PR person comment on my posts like this. You made this situation look bad then made it look HORRIBLE.

          And pasting an email into your comment? Totally tacky.

    • MatterofCents says:

      In my crafts business, I don’t carry a stock of premade items either. I do, however, carry enough supplies for when a customer does place an order, I can custom make whatever they need whenever they need them. When you asked me in the email if I was going to write a positive review, I told you I was going to write an HONEST one and that is what I did. More than being angry, I am insulted by the fact that I promoted your business for a “whopping” $9.00 pair of clearance shoes when you claimed they were worth $25. I have also asked you when you plan to contact the Winner of the shoes she won in the Christmas in July event and you continue to ignore my question. I assure you, I will write another review about your lack of prize fulfillment if you don’t send her the prize she won…AND give her a choice like you said you would when you signed up to Sponsor.

    • You use the word “free” quite a bit, but being a blogger and blogging about a product is far from being free. The time she put in to “dealing” with the issue of the wrong shoes, having her daughter wear the product, taking photos, and writing the review hardly constitutes as being “free”. She was given what appears to be a pair of clearance shoes. She is supposed to write about her “experience” with the company because that’s what someone reading this post is going to want to know. What were the people like, are they easy to work with, how do the shoes fit the child, etc? She had to go through some of the same experience of choosing a shoe, looking at the site/FB page, etc to even KNOW about the shoes.

      If you’ve worked with bloggers before, you KNOW how we write reviews. It’s from our personal experience with each individual company. As for being reimbursed for shipping the shoes back, that’s more than backward. She should’ve been shipped a mailing label to cover her expense of the Squeaky Shoe and not been expected to write a follow up review. It sounds as though she was being forced to write a review…a positive one no less, and it didn’t matter what the work at home mom thought. She wanted what she wanted and that’s it. A review blogger is only as good as their honest opinions from their individual experience.

      As a company owner, I believe you approached your comment entirely unprofessionally, using words such as “stupid” and basically verbally attacked her for her OPINION of her experience. Maybe YOU shouldn’t be working with bloggers if you don’t understand how they do their reviews. You don’t want to send out “free” product, then keep them to yourself. Stick to your little work at home operation and don’t send out anymore shoes that will just go to waste sitting freely on someones shoe shelf.

      ~Simply Disgusted

  16. I agree with Darcy. I might have still checked out your company before I read all of the above. She didn’t receive a free pair of shoes. She worked FOR YOU and promoted YOUR Company…in exchange for the shoe item. If I was reviewing a pair of shoes for my child and was hoping for white or pink I don’t think it would have been too hard to let her know you didn’t have what she had requested in stock.

    More or less I think you are making your self & your company look bad. In this instance the blogger was your “customer” and promoted you. From what I know of my retail experiences…the customer is always right.
    I think you have hurt yourself more than you have helped yourself.

    Just my two cents.

    • Dress My Girls says:

      Unfortunately, no one has seen or read the countless emails that go into promoting items. She was made aware that the pink ones were not available. She told me her daughter loved the shoes when they arrived–as all kids do. We all had to have the items available to her in time for the review. I will not be walked all over and taken advantage of. Customer or not–this is about respect. Look at it from our pov. How would you feel??

      • It’s about respect? Then show some and leave it alone. She was not a satisfied customer. Move on, learn from it.

  17. Ok. so did you like the shoes or just disappointed in the color? I have actually ordered these types of shoes, not from this company, but from other FB companies. They sell out very quick when they have sales on their walls. I have missed out on some super cute shoes so I do understand the ones you requested may not have been in stock. I will defiantly check them out as I know the product she is selling, and if she has great deals on them I am all for it. The review seemed a little slanted based on you not receiving the color you wanted and not the actual product, the shoe. But the follow up email posted on the comments section seemed to imply that the company attempted to rectify the situation in some way.
    And reading the above comments, I do not feel like the company is out of line in any way. It appears that most people who responded were bloggers themselves. If someone wrote that about my company, I would take offense as well. She was supposed to review the product. Is this correct? I know with squeaky shoes you can take the squeakers out and they will not squeak. I would think this should be in the product review as well. I feel like the blogger did not thoroughly review the product correctly and is just upset she did not get her choice in color b/c they were apparently out of the color she requested. You make the company out to be some kind of villain. Just my thoughts….

    • MatterofCents says:

      I did no such thing. I acknowledged her as a sponsor of a recent giveaway event (for which she has yet to fulfill the prize). I explained that while my daughter likes the squeaky noise, I was disappointed that the wrong color shoes were sent. She could have easily sent a different style as long as it had PINK in it. I am entitled to my feelings and my opinions and that’s why I write product reviews. To share them with other consumers who may want to read about other products on the market. I pay money to self-host this blog. The event sponsor post AND this review is taking up space I paid for so I could advertise her business…which, by the way, I did do. In fact, that was her only purpose for contacting me. She wanted my services (hosting a giveaway on my blog which I pay for) so she could gain more customers and she wanted it done for FREE. Requesting to review a pair of shoes to review were in lieu of paying a fee I would normally charge anyone else. Ideally, they should have been a pair of shoes my daughter would actually be able to wear somewhere other than at home.

  18. The sentence in the above comment that bothers me the most is this:

    “You write as if you actually ordered a pair of shoes from us and then we shipped you the wrong shoe. When in fact we simply shipped you a free pair of shoes in exchange for a blog about the shoes!!!” – said by “Dress My Girls.”

    If a regular customer were unhappy with the shoes, they would probably tell a few people and move on with life. However, you have said this publicly to a blogger, who has a reach of thousands of people and a responsibility to provide an honest review. I think that maybe I would have given a little more respect to the blogger promoting my business and customer service.

    A blogger should receive the same amount and quality of customer service from a company that is given to each and every other customer, no exceptions. This situation could have presented an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your customer service as a company and make things right rather than posting comments to this blogger calling her “simple” or “stupid.”

  19. First, it is against FTC rules to ask for a positive review in exchange for a product. So what they are asking is illegal.

    Next, SLANDER is verbal, LIBEL is written and for either to actually have happened, this review has to be NOT TRUE and you would have to prove malicious intent from the beginning, which it is clear, is not the case.

    Following, no matter if the product is in stock or not, you do not react this way and dare call yourself a professional business. Do you realize this blog has a PR of 3, which means her “opinion” is worth at the very least, 10 times as much as a NINE DOLLAR pair of shoes.

    Small business or not, when you agree for a review in exchange for a product you are entering into an agreement. Agreement that rules and laws govern. Now, you are harassing Adelina, in a public forum because you dont like what she had to say? A PROFESSIONAL would have emailed her and asked to have the review taking down and/or attempt to resolve the issue by sending the agreed upon, contracted item.

    This is not, give someone a free item situation. Blogging- product reviews? ITS A JOB. There is a lot of work, hours and MONEY (hosting costs, domains, paying for promoting in links, other sites) that goes into blogging that everyone wants to overlook. You got tons of new fans on sending an incorrect, NINE DOLLAR ITEM and THIS is how you react?

    First, learn the laws, then ask yourself where else can you get that much promotion for less than what two meals at a frickin McDonalds would cost.

    You are lucky you are dealing with a nice blogger.

    Oh and Becky? You clearly undervalue what bloggers do, which is promote promote promote. You think all these links and words appear magically? There are rules, and this company violated them- both Adelina’s rules and the FTC. They can be seriously fined for asking for a positive review.

    I also have a daughter who probably would have loved these shoes, and hopefully, a mom will google this company and find this review and buy from someone else. I’ll make sure to pass this info along to anyone who is considering this.

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