We Are Moving: Update!

I recently wrote a post referring to this blog being my "home" on the internet. I made the move from Blogger to WordPress last May because I felt it was a wise one. Of course, I was right. Well, now it's time to move my family from one house to another. So, please bare with me as my posts may be fewer and father between while I take care of those responsibilities. Not only do I have to pack, but hire movers (referrals, anyone?), switch all utilities, unpack, enroll my sons in a new school, purchase their supplies, clothing and shoes, etc etc etc. I will do my best to schedule as many posts in advance as possible. I don't usually write something daily, however given how time consuming moving can be, I don't want a week to go by without an update. Feel free to wish me luck. I would also love to hear about your "best" and/or "worst" experiences with moving from one home to another. Any tips you have which have made the process smoother for you would be great as well.

UPDATE: Lease is signed and moving day is THIS THURSDAY, September 1st! I will try to get as caught up as possible before then. I am hoping to be back to a "normal" schedule by Friday. Thanks for your patience!


  1. Good luck! I just did a sponsored post with some of my own personal moving tips. Basically, don’t pack your pets (courtesy of my aunt an incident involving an iguana, which miraculously survived), throw out your garbage BEFORE packing (military movers actually moved my friend’s garbage from Arizona to Japan, talk about stinky!), and take the batteries out of talking toys so you don’t think your boxes are possessed when you arrive in your new house. Oh, and anything you absolutely need that you really don’t want to pack by accident, stick it in the bathtub while you’re packing, and mark it off limits.

  2. Best of luck to you…I am moving too after 24 years being in the same house. I am trying to focus on looking on the sunny side and taking with me only what I really love…may your days be full of laughter

    • MatterofCents says:

      Thank you so much! Good luck to you as well! I can’t imagine it’s easy to pack 24 years worth of stuff. I wish you well.

  3. I hate moving. We just moved back in March, hopefully for the LAST TIME! Good luck with your move, hope all goes well for you and your family.

  4. I know how stressful a move can be so relax and come back to us refreshed and renewed

  5. Best of luck with your move! It can be so overwhelming. At least you will have a great opportunity to de-clutter.

  6. Good luck on your move! Hope everything goes smoothly!

    Around My Family Table

  7. Wishing you a smooth move (at least as smooth as possible!)
    Most of my moves had us doing all the work, but the last one was paid for and included them packing it all up.  We had to snatch the garbage and hide it outside as they literally packed EVERYTHING not locked away.

    • MatterofCents says:

      Thanks, Laura! I wish I could have someone pack everything up for me. The thought of having to pack know I will have to unpack everything makes me cringe. So pointless when we’re not even moving that far from where we are now. KWIM? LOL

  8. Best of luck in your new home!!  I cannnot believe I was not a follower…I am now!

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