Nature Made Vitamins: Make A “Better You”

I can remember being a child and taking vitamins. Why? My mother said they were good for me. When I was pregnant  with each of my three kids, I was taking prenatal vitamins. Why? My doctor said they were good for me AND the babies. Now, as a "maturing woman" approaching 40 years old (yikes!), I don't "need" anyone to tell me to take vitamins. Why? I know they're good for me!

When I was given the opportunity to write about why I believe vitamins help to make a "Better You", it was a no-brainer for me. Why? I have been taking them most of my life and I know they serve a very important purpose. Vitamins and minerals work together to keep the body growing and functioning normally. They help to convert food into energy, keep cells healthy, and support the immune system. There are days I know I don't eat all of the recommended fruits, veggies, and other important foods. Taking a supplement helps compensate for the nutrients I am missing.

Nature Made is the #1 Pharmacist Recommended Brand for Letter Vitamins and Fish Oil, as determined by the 2011 Pharmacy Times Survey.

Not sure which vitamins and supplements to buy? Talk to your physician or pharmacist! They are qualified to answer any questions you may have. The internet is a valuable tool. Take advantage of it and do your own research. Consider taking Nature Made's Vitamin Assessment Tool. Visit for credible, physician-reviewed information on health and wellness topics, including the role vitamins and supplements play in a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle.

When searching for supplements, look for verification from qualified third-party organizations. For example, the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). Finding this mark on a dietary supplement label helps to assure consumers that the supplements they buy meet the quality standards they expect.

Finally, the Nature Made website has a great deal of information to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here is a short list of articles to get you started:

Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Nature Made and received promotional items to thank me for taking the time to participate. Vote for my entry at between 9/20/11 and noon (PT) 9/26/11.


  1. Vitamins make such a difference for me. I can tell the difference on the days **I forget** to take them. I'm excited that my kids willingly take vitamins too.


  2. I used Nature Made for both of my pregnancies, and now use their vitamin D and vitamin E each day.  You shared some really wonderful information, so thank you!  I'll be picking up some fish oil tomorrow!!

  3. I have used Nature Made Vitamins for quite a while, and I really like them.  My entire family including my parents and grandma are Nature Made fans too!!

    • MatterofCents says:

      I love hearing stories about brand loyalty that run through generations. My family is the same way! When we find something we like, it’s usually pretty difficult to get us to switch to something else.

  4. I think your post is just fine and you provided your opinion as well as information relevant to the subject matter.  As for my opinion on Vitamins … well, I'm a little picky as to the brand and how they are manufactured.  I've never used NatureMade, as I'm a die hard Rainbow Light fan(atic) because of the amazing results I've had from them.  My husband and toddler (who has been taking them since he was 9 months old) have also had crazy good results.  But regardless of opinion and brands, I think you represented this brand well.

  5. Sandy Jones says:

    very well put

  6. I too had grown up taking vitamins and knew they were important for keeping my body healthy and also having taken them through 3 pregnancies as well as through recovery has helped my body heal. Back about 10 years ago my mom was diagnosed with cancer and she researched the kinds of vitamins or suppliments she could take to help fight the cancer she had and Nature Made was the only brand that made certain types of vitamins she wanted to try to take to help. She's been cancer free for 10+ years and to this day a brand close to my heart is Nature Made. Thank you for writing this article and introducing me to their website!! I absolutely love it!!

    • MatterofCents says:

      WOW!!! What a great story!!! Thank you so much for sharing that and congrats to your mom on being cancer free for so long. I am a firm believer in the benefits vitamins and supplements have on one’s health. 🙂 Your mother is literally living proof!

  7. I love Nature Made vitamins! They are my go-to brand. Vitamins are so important to your daily health.

    I had to convince my hubby of that; he's not getting any younger and isn't exactly a health nut, so I bought him a daily multi and make him take it so that I know he's at least getting some protection from age- and gender-related issues.

    • MatterofCents says:

      Smart woman! That’s awesome you’re looking out for not only your own health and wellness, but your husband’s too! I am sure he appreciates it!

  8. I was never a fan of vitamins growing up–I always felt they left an aftertaste in my mouth, but now that I am older and wiser (haha) I am taking a multivitamin every day. I know I don't eat a balanced diet, so I feel good about getting the right nutrients in my vitamins. I will definitely check out the fish oil article. I have been thinking I need to add more fish oil to my diet. Thanks for the post!

    • MatterofCents says:

      Excellent point about taking vitamins when we were kids. I did it because “my mother made me do it”, LOL….I didn’t necessarily “like it” at that point. 🙂

  9. I used Nature Made Pre-Natal vitamins when i was pregnant. My OB told me that they were as good as the ones he would have wrote me a script for anyway – at a fraction of the cost. I still use Nature Made multi-vitamins today.

  10. I have taken Nature Made vitamins before too, but it's been a long time. I definitely need to start back!
    I mean I love veggies, eat properly(most of the time lol) drink water..etc. but it's always important to take vitamins I feel! thanks for the great review/info!

  11. I was not a huge fan of vitamins when I was a kid but I took them and it helped me a lot.
    I took them when I was pregnant and now children take them on a regular basis. They are
    important in our family life and health.

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