20K “Likes” Celebration: Enter to Win a Personalized Thermal Tote from Thirty-One Gifts with Channie

Welcome to this giveaway event where we are celebrating Matter of Cents reaching 20,000 "likes" on Facebook!!! More than twenty Sponsors have donated prizes for you to enter to win and I will be adding a few as well.


  • At least one prize will go live every day (until there are none left)
  • You will have three days to enter to win each prize
  • There will be one Rafflecopter widget per prize

What does this mean for you? MORE CHANCES TO WIN!

The prize in this giveaway comes from Thirty-One Gifts with Channie/Southern Diva Mommy! She is donating a Personalized Thermal Tote! It has an exterior pocket, silver thermal lining, and zipper closure. Approx. 9.5"H x 14" W x 4.5" D. Comes in 14 different patterns and can be embroidered. This giveaway is open to US residents only, age 18 years and older.

ENTER HERE! Sometimes the Rafflecopter widget takes a few moments to load. Please be patient and good luck!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way by any of the Sponsors for hosting this event. While I am promoting the Sponsors for donating a prize, I (Matter of Cents or Adelina Rosa) will not be held responsible if a Sponsor doesn't fulfill. This giveaway event is in NO WAY associated with or sponsored by Facebook. You are providing your information to Matter of Cents, not Facebook. Most of the prizes will be open to US residents, ages 18 years and older, unless otherwise noted differently. This giveaway is void where prohibited by law.


  1. TIFF MOCERINO says:

    MY LUNCH!! 🙂

  2. Laura clutterbuck says:

    This looks to be a Stylish bag, i may use it  for my laptop

  3. pronnie ebron says:

    i would use it for everything!!  i would love to have it for traveling  with my kids for the snacks and the mommy i'm bored busters!!

  4. is the blog where we enter at?
    if so.. ways id use the tote.. well since my kids have their character ones for when they take lunches and hubby has one for when he takes lunches to work, id definitely keep this one to myself for when my son and i do lunch at the park 🙂 and would work great for taking with us on a day of shopping or at the zoo to keep snacks in so he doesnt get too cranky 😉

  5. heather miller says:

    If i win i will use it on trips with the kids.thank you for the giveaways

  6. I will use my to haul snacks around for the kids, as well as bringing lunch to work for myself. This would be a very useful prize for me!

  7. fiona nuyen says:

    Thank you for the great giveaway 🙂 I would love to use it for work and school :-))

  8. Lisa Burke Cook says:

    We will use it to take a picnic with..thanks

  9. I plan on using the thermal tote when we go on trips or camping.

  10. Susan Wright says:

    I love 31 Gifts – Their thermal totes are great to put a snacks and drinks in when picking up the kids from school or running errands.

  11. angela dupree says:

    I would get lots of use with the tote because we are always going on nature walks.

  12. Jennifer Nicole Tobin Beraducci says:

    I think i will put it away til summer time were i can use it at the beach or the park and when i go to the food store so the frozen products dont get mushy

  13. I would love to win this!

  14. Kimberly Aschenbach says:

    Great lunch bag!!

  15. Use for a purse

  16. Thanks!

  17. Mary Chafin says:

    simple entry

  18. Melissa milford says:

    Ill be picnicing with my sweetie!!

  19. Rebekah Mercier says:

    Among many other uses. I would use it to bring snacks and drinks to my sons soccer games.

  20. I would love this tote I take my lunch every day to work.

  21. I would use this tolt every day ,I take my lunch to work every day. Thank you so much .

  22. I plan to use the tote to carry my lunch to homeschool co-op or to the kids' activities.

  23. Tamma Borzotra says:

    If I win, I will use it to carry my lunch to work!

  24. Diane Bogner says:

    Love your website

  25. Valerie Brenner says:

    I will use it as a diaper bag!

  26. Sharron Bernier says:

    I love this product

  27. melissa smith says:

    simple entry

  28. Catherine Okamura says:

    this is soo cute!

  29. Catherine Okamura says:

    this is soo cute!  i'll probably give it to one of the women in the office…she's due in Dec

  30. Looks like a cute and stylish way to carry around snacks or lunches!  Maybe a great little bag for game days!  =)

  31. Rachel B. says:

    I'd use it for work lunches. It'd definitely brighten my day!
    schkinner at yahoo dot com

  32. I'd use this as for carry extra things for my daughters when we go places, snacks and toys. 

  33. jennifer orr says:

    i would use it for my lunch

  34. Debbie Moon says:

    i would use the tote when we travel and for snacks when visiting

  35. April Taylor says:

    I would carry my lunch to work in the tote.

  36. I plan on taking the thermal tote to work every day!!

  37. Jody Sisson says:

    I would use it take my lunch to work.

  38. I would use it for storing our lunch when we drive to Indy for the cardiologist ヅ  *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  39. Kelly Burroughs Crowell says:

    I'd use it for everyday use because with 2 children in sports I always need something to carry all my junk around from game to game!!

  40. his would be perfect for me to take to work!  Thanks!

  41. I would use it to take snacks/lunch to the beach.

  42. Kari Howell says:

    I would use it for my lunches and picnics with the kids.

  43. royalegacy says:

    When I do my shopping once a week, I can bag my own lunch so that I can save even more money by not eating out.

  44. Theresa Shafer says:

    I shall use the tote for carring cold foods from the store to home.
    tes 1283 yahoo

  45. I will use it to take my lunch to work everyday

  46. Jennifer Pickett says:

    If I won, I'd give the tote to my mum for Christmas.  It would be great for her to take her lunch to work in.

  47. amanda l h says:

    It would be great to give to my in laws for christmas.

  48. I would use it for a lunch bag.

  49. amy hollingsworth says:

    I would use the tote for my daughter's teacher

  50. I would use it as a gift to my daughter.

  51. We have 2 new grand babies coming in the new year so it will be put to good use…we know one is going to be a boy and not sure on the other one yet…so will likely have to choose neutral colors if we win 🙂

  52. Brenda McAlister says:

    Will use it on outings with the grandchildren!!

  53. Jill Lear says:

    Perfect for taking cold drinks along on outings.

  54. Brenda Partain says:

    I would use the tote to take my lunch to work and save money while looking great!

  55. I will take it on trip with snacks, etc for my son!!

  56. Paula Brown says:

    My snacks for the grand kids

  57. Lauren Alejandro says:

    I'd give it to one of my friends for Christmas 🙂  Looks like a nice tote she can use to bring in her lunch to work and when she travels.

  58. Beth Titus says:

    hmm for a purse!!

  59. I will prob use it as a reusable shopping bag or my lunch bag!

  60. I have three kids – I carry a LOT of snacks!!!

  61. I would fill it with goodies for a picnic!

  62. Miriam Wiggins says:

    LOVE 31!

  63. Brandy Smith says:

    I would use it as a  treat bag or lunch bag 🙂

  64. I have 2 kids both love to snack and where we live it is always either too hot or too cold this would be handy

  65. Tracy Stuhler says:

    I have 3 kids and we are always on the go-need i say more-lol!

  66. Ashley Hess says:

    I would tote my lunch to work with me everyday along with toting the kids lunches or snacks when we go on outings.

  67. Carla Blevins says:

    For my daughters bottles!

  68. I will give this to my daughter to carry her lunch at school. I stay at home. She is going to school for rad tech and she is a picky eater so she packs a lunch when she goes to the hospitals.Nobody likes hospital food .lol

  69. I use it when shopping and travelling.

  70. kelly bright says:

    This would be perfect for going place with my kids, 10 months and 4 yrs old 🙂

  71. Tina Palmer says:

    Love this.. have one and need another! 4 kids snacks when traveling or going to ball games adds up quick!

  72. Suzanne Alexander says:

    love thi.rty-one gifts. such cute, practical stuff

  73. Suzanne Alexander says:

    love thirty=one gifts and their great bags.

  74. Dona Duckett says:

    Lunch at work!

  75. If I won this great tote, I could do so many things with it. But my daughter would probably end up talking me into giving it to her lol.

  76. Shannon Buchmann says:

    Definitely for snacks on the 2 hour drive to my parents house…my kids are always hungry in the car!

  77. Kelly Finton says:

    I plan to give this bag to my daughter who will be turning 14 in December.

  78. I would use it to carry snacks and drinks for when we go places.

  79. I plan on using it to carry my lunch & snack for school.

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