Nutrisystem Update: Week 3! #nsnation

Once I commit to achieving a certain goal, I put 100% effort into it. The Nutrisystem program is no exception. However, I've recently been reminded that there are a few things which influence my enthusiasm and motivation (or lack there of):

  1. Stress
  2. Boredom
  3. Temptation (food related)
  4. Weather
  5. Monthly Visit from "Aunt Flo"
  6. The NEED to see the number on the scale go down.

If you read my Week 2 update, you already know how the point listed in #5 affected my progress. This week, all of the others came into play. In my 20's, I wasn't really a fan of a routine. Sure, I worked and went to school full time, but when it came to other things, I usually planned them last minute. Now that I have three kids and two of them are in school, a routine is essential to staying sane.

I didn't realize it until last week, but I have come to the conclusion I really don't like when my routine is disrupted. I've mentioned before that my husband and I share one car, which he has most of the week for work. Well, when it comes time to visit the boys' schools (one has a monthly Parent Participation event planned and the other wants parent volunteers in the classroom), I have to figure out babysitting for my daughter and how to get to my destination without inconveniencing too many people. I was stressed. My parents came to my rescue…again.

Another stressful thing that has been happening since I moved a month ago is the constant loss of my internet connection. My email Inbox continues to grow with unread messages as well as my "Things to Do" list because I can't keep the signal long enough to complete my tasks. To top it off, I contacted a well-known provider to initiate the switch over to them and they can't get a technician out here until October 20! Three weeks. Really???

The weather was depressing last week. It rained five out of seven days. This meant the kids and I were stuck at home because a trip to the park (or anywhere else outdoors or within walking distance) would have led to us getting soaked. Bad weather and boredom led to me watching the clock until it was time to eat again. That didn't work out too well for my belly.

As far as point #6 is concerned, I've learned NOT to weigh myself daily. The couple of times I saw the number go up (mind you, only a few ounces), I freaked. Thank goodness for Meredith. She reassured me I am doing great and that everyone can fluctuate by a pound or two on any given day. She also told me to only weigh myself once a week. Great advice!

Coordinating my meals around my kids is still proving to be a challenge. Either they don't want what I make for them (or worse, I do!) OR they want what I'm having because "it smells so good"!

On a few extremely positive notes:

  1. I really do like the food on the program
  2. I really like the flexibility, variety, and option to customize the pantry-ready meals that are sent
  3. I love that I can cook something from scratch by accessing the Recipes section on their website
  4. I really love that my feet and legs are starting to look "normal" as in not bloated or swollen
  5. I also really love that my clothes are starting to fit loose on me!!!

I was going to upload some pictures of the meals I ate during Week 3, but I keep getting an error. I will try to get it fixed and share them with you next week. So, sorry.

  • Week 3 Loss: 1.6 pounds
  • Total Loss in three weeks: 8.4 pounds

Each week I will update the blog with any progress I've made as well as what I did to get there: the foods I ate and any activities I participated in. I hope you will help cheer me on, share words of wisdom, or anything else regarding this topic. I would love to hear from you!

I have some bloggy buddies whom are also participating in this program. If you'd like, you can visit their pages to see how they are doing as well.

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Disclaimer: I have been selected to participate in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger program. For four months, Nutrisystem will provide me with their meals at no charge for my review. I am not being compensated for my participation.


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