CVS Pharmacy Shopping Trip: $90 worth of groceries FREE!

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I haven’t written one of these posts in a long time. I am SO EXCITED to share with you the awesome shopping trip I had at CVS Pharmacy today! If everything had been full price (no sales or coupons) and I paid with my own money, the total would have been over $90. How much did I pay after the sales, coupons, $10 gift card promo, and using a $50 gift card I earned from MyPoints? Nothing! Zip! Zilch! Zero! In fact, I still have nine cents left on the gift card.

Needless to say, I am extremely happy. My goal is always to save more than I spend. Today, I didn’t spend anything at all.

Here is everything I “bought” and how I got it.

Transaction #1 (on the left side of the photo) looks like this:

Transaction #2 (on the right side of the photo) looks like this:

Click on each photo above to ZOOM in on the details. You will be able to see every single item I bought, how much it cost versus how much I saved. I only used one manufacturer’s coupon (25 cents off Dawn dish soap). Most everything else was on sale Buy 1 Get 1 FREE (the Nature Made vitamins) or (like the laundry detergent) 50% off regular price.

In the first transaction, I spent the required minimum $30 on specific items in order to score the $10 promotional gift card. I used the CVS Pharmacy gift card I earned from MyPoints to pay for transaction #1 and had $19.17 left on it.

In the second transaction, I used the $10 I earned in the first transaction plus the rest of the MyPoints gift card and still have 9 cents left on it.

If you’re not on MyPoints yet, it’s just like any other rewards programs where you earn points based on actions you perform: shop, search, play games, read emails, take surveys, etc. Click here to read more!


  1. That's an awesome deal!!  And I LOVE MyPoints – I've gotten tons of gift cards from them!

  2. Wow awesome!!

  3. Super Awesome! 

  4. Tammy Dalton says:

    I love the deals you can get at CVS, I try to get there as often as possible!! You had a great shopping trip!!  :0)

  5. I have to look into MyPoints, wow. I just started swagbucks I am trying to get more into this saving online for little things you do stuff. 

  6. Wow. That's amazing…
    we don't have CVS **sad**

    • MatterofCents says:

      You should write to their corporate office and ask when they plan to open any in your area! I did that with another store that I LOVED when I lived in Denver and within two years, they came to Chicago. YAY ME! 🙂

  7. Impressive haul!!!!

  8. Lisa Fisher Walker says:

    The deals are amazing. I wish we had a CVS here.

  9. I'm impressed. I want to shop like this, but can't seem to get myself organized

  10. Ashley Portales says:

    I love CVS, they have awesome deals! And way to go!! Very impressive  

  11. Heather McNeill says:

    You have incredible skills. Teach me your ways. *o*
    I don't think we have a CVS in my area though. 🙁

  12. Aranda Gibbs says:

    Super awesome!! 

  13. ericka coello says:

    Awesome!  I am still new with CVS points.  I should learn right away!

  14. Sandy Brower says:

    I love CVS. They are slowly but surely financing my Christmas shopping with gift cards every week that I get with very little out of pocket and a ton of goodies to bring home every week. I am relatively new to CVS shopping but have quickly jumped on the band wagon. Not sure if I will like it so much when they don't have Gift Card Bonuses, but I will be in every week until Christmas, rolling my purchases and earning gift cards. 🙂

  15. Melissa Doyle says:

    It's such a rush getting such great deals. Good for you 🙂

  16. That is one of the best feelings! I started couponing right after having my son 9 months ago and have saved SOOO much money! 

  17. CVS will have some great deals if you wait for the right time. They are so great!

  18. Wow, that's amazing

  19. Amanda Alvarado says:

    That is awesome! I love MyPoints too!  I have gotten so many gift cards from them!  I'm waiting on my points balance to hit 13,000 so I can score a $100 CG!  Almost there!

  20. That's incredible! I've never even heard of My Points before reading this post but I will definitely have to check them out 🙂

  21. That is awesome… I might have to do more on my MYPoints account.

  22. Congrats on such a great shopping trip.  My sister and I really were able to do great on Thanksgiving morning!

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