Nutrisystem Update: Week 8! #NSNation

I am so sorry this post is a few days late. Things have been crazy busy. It happens every year: as soon as Halloween comes and goes, time just flies by. Ironically, this post will end up having a Halloween "theme" because I plan to share with you my GOAL picture. In my very first post when I announced I was starting the Nutrisystem program, I mentioned not necessarily wanting to reach my high school weight of 125 pounds even though that is supposed to be my "ideal weight" for my height. However, I didn't exactly say what my goal really is.  The photo below will show you.

This is the photo I look at when I think about being on the Nutrisystem program and what my intentions are. It just so happens that, in the photo, I am wearing my most favorite Halloween costume ever: Minnie Mouse. Mind you, the photo was taken in 1998. YIKES! I remember it as if it were yesterday.

I am so happy to share with you my progress and the AWESOME results from last week. With it being Halloween, I did do a LOT of running around with my kids. I am so proud of myself knowing the amount of candy my boys brought home and the only thing I ate were three pieces of candy corn…my favorite from when I was a child. Plus, the program has a bunch of great tasting desserts, snacks, and even the lunch bars! I pretend they're candy bars. :) I never feel deprived on Nutrisystem.

Week 8 Loss: 1.8 pounds

Total Loss in eight weeks: 16.8 pounds.

Each week I will update the blog with any progress I've made as well as what I did to get there: the foods I ate and any activities I participated in. I hope you will help cheer me on, share words of wisdom, or anything else regarding this topic. I would love to hear from you!

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