‘Tis The Season To Play Online Games

Autumn is in full swing, Halloween has come and gone, Daylight Savings Time forced some of us to turn our clocks back one hour and Winter is only a month away. For someone like myself who absolutely lives for Spring, Summer, warm weather and being outside, the very near future doesn't look too appealing. I hate snow. I cringe whenever my oldest son notices it's snowing outside and the first thing he wants to do is play in it. Just like a bear, I prefer to hibernate during Winter. Having an indoor hobby like an online bingo site definitely helps to pass the long, cold days until March. Thank goodness for the internet and having access to games!

Playing fun and engaging online games has been a pastime of mine for several years. There are so many to choose from including word games, puzzle games, strategy, trivia and more! For some people, the challenge of making it to the top of the leaderboard or trying to win a prize, chatting during multiplayer games or even making friends has them coming back for more. Everyone gets something different out of participating in this popular activity. Several children's TV stations and cable networks have even developed online learning games using the characters the kids watch every day. I think that's brilliant! I especially like the word games for my son who is in Kindergarten. My husband prefers the puzzle and strategy games.

As advances in technology are made, so are different ways of playing games online as well as the types of games one can play. Do you have a favorite game you play online? If not, is there one you have been wanting to try?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Regardless, all thoughts and opinions expressed are strictly my own.

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