BIG Plans to Celebrate Our 1st Blogoversary!


I can't believe Matter of Cents is almost one year old! Whether you are a loyal reader, fellow blogger, current or past sponsor, I hope you will plan to celebrate with me. I am scheduling some great things from cash prizes and flash giveaways to business spotlights and featured blogs.

***Discounted rates will be offered for prime sidebar advertising (above the fold) to any blog or business who sponsors at least one giveaway!***

Here is how YOU can get involved!

If you're a reader, simply mark your calendars for January 6-12, 2012 and keep your eyes open for some FREE STUFF you can score right here!

If you're a blogger or business, you have a few options!

1. To be part of the cash giveaway, CLICK HERE to sign up! (prize amounts will be determined based on participation and cost to advertise).

  • $15 = Two social networking sites of your choice for entries PLUS One daily entry option PLUS One Facebook Share (to 20,000+ fans) PLUS One Tweet (to 4,500+ followers) specifically for your blog or business!!!
  • Send via Paypal (in US Dollars) to ~ Be sure to mention it's for the MOC Blogoversary Cash Prize!

2. To sponsor a flash giveaway prize during this event, CLICK HERE to sign up! All Flash Giveaway Spots Are Taken!

  • Minimum prize value should be $5.00
  • You may select one social networking site to promote.
  • Delivery of prize is your responsibility

3. To be considered for discounted sidebar advertising, CLICK HERE to sign up!

  • You must participate in either of the giveaway scenarios listed above. If you choose to contribute to both, the discount is even bigger!
  • 150 x 150 button (provided by you) will be placed at the top of my right sidebar! ALL of the following must be completed before your button will be added: the form must be filled out and payment and image with link received. Family friendly sites only!
  • Your button will be displayed for 30 DAYS!

Rates for Sidebar Advertising:

  • $15 if participating in ONLY the cash giveaways
  • $25 if participating in ONLY the flash giveaways  (Not applicable)
  • $10 if participating in BOTH the flash AND cash giveaways (Not applicable)
  • Please send Paypal payment to and be sure to mention it's for MOC Blogoversary Advertising

Don't want to participate in the giveaways, but would still like to advertise your blog or business? Contact me for rates.


  1. Congrats on your Blogoversary!! So exciting 🙂

  2. Congrats on your first year! If I had extra money I'd totally sign up to participate.  I just don't have it right now.

  3. congratulations!

  4. Congrats on your 1 year blog anniversary! I'll be attending the party!

  5. Congratulations! So happy for you!
    Money is way too tight or I would sign up. Sorry.

  6. Great work staying the course and reaching your first blogversary!!

  7. Hi there, I just signed up for the Blogoversary.  I also signed up for the NYE event as well.  Both payments came from

    • MatterofCents says:

      That’s great! Thanks for letting me know and welcome aboard! I will get you added to the NYHE linky as soon as possible. I did get the Paypal notification for the blogoversary sign up, but not NYHE. Just thought you should know “just in case”.

    • MatterofCents says:

      Disregard the part about not receiving the notification for NYHE. Plus, I just added you to the linky a few minutes ago. Kiddos are distracting me…You should have received an email from me welcoming you to the NYHE event. Thanks again.

  8. How many blogs are participating in the giveaway that costs $15? Is that all I would need to pay or would I also need to provide a prize. Thanks so much for these opportunities!

    • MatterofCents says:

      Only two have signed up so far. Yes, the $15 covers your for everything listed in the post. No need for you to do anything else. I will do all of the work to promote the giveaway. 🙂 If you’re willing to share with your readers/fans/followers when it goes live, that would be great!

  9. Ok – I am going to do this 🙂 (I wrote on the other one but I think I will do this first.) This will be my first giveaway like this so could you give me a suggestion about What would you like your DAILY entry option to be?  and What would you like me to SHARE on Facebook for you? *

    • MatterofCents says:

      If you added your blog to Picket Fence, your “daily” can be to vote for you each day or it could be to check out the giveaways on your blog, tweet etc. Your Facebook share can be a brief description about your blog, if you have an event coming up you would like people to know about, a general shout-out, etc. Same goes for the tweet.

  10. Ok I sent in my form and payment.

  11. congrats!

  12. What would you like me to put on my blog for this giveaway?


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