BURGER KING®: Where IMAGINATION IS KING™! Review & Giveaway #MyBlogSpark

What do you get when you combine good food, fun activities, an adorable toy, and a chance to give back to several great causes? The new BK Crown Program at BURGER KING® has been revamped. Not only does your family get to enjoy a great meal together, but the opportunity to teach your kids how to help others is part of the experience!

I was recently invited to indulge my family and received a gift card to purchase the Kids' Meals and participate in the BK CROWN Program in exchange for my thoughts. First of all, I would like to share that my kids have nicknamed BURGER KING® "Cheeseburger King". My oldest son loves their cheeseburgers and decided that's what he wanted to call it. Of course, his younger brother and sister followed suit. Mind you, they are only 5, 4, and 3 years old. :) The two younger children usually get the 4-piece chicken tenders which they gobble up every single time.

Second, my kids absolutely LOVED the crowns!!! This outing occurred last weekend and the crowns are still in perfect shape. If you knew my kids, you would know this is rare. Third, we are a "penguin family". I've been collecting penguin stuff for at least 10-15 years. So, it goes without saying that I love the meals have a toy from Happy Feet 2 in them! 

About The Program

  • The BK CROWN Program comes in a fully interactive Kids Meal box. Sitting atop each box is a newly redesigned BURGER KING® crown, because every kid deserves to be treated like royalty at BURGER KING®! With crowns on their heads, kids can dive into the box, taking it apart, playing fun games and activities that challenge their minds, inspire their imagination and engage with the whole family.
  • With the BK CROWN Program, Burger King Corporation invites kids to tell BURGER KING® what matters to them most. BKC has established a fund to help support the Wildlife Conservation Society, National Parks Conservation Association, DonorsChoose.org and Have It Your WayTM Foundation. By visiting BKCrown.com, kids learn how BKC´s charitable partners make a difference. Upon entering BK CROWN Codes and clicking on their favorite cause, each kid´s vote helps BK® choose which charity to give back to.
  • The fun doesn´t end at the restaurant; the BK CROWN Program experience lives on at www.BKCrown.com where kids can place their vote for how BKC should give back, as well as find more games, win prizes and enjoy interactive play.
  • Also at BURGER KING®, for just $9.99 your family can enjoy the "BKTM Family Bundle" which includes a WHOPPER® sandwich, WHOPPER JR.® sandwich., two small fries, two small soft drinks and a Kids Meal. Now that´s a deal worth getting together for! Limited time only. Price and participation vary. Prices higher in HI.

When we got home from BURGER KING®, I got online with the kids and showed them around the site. I explained a little bit about what the purpose of the program was and let them choose which organizations they wanted to help. Ironically, four Kids' Meals were purchased and we all ended up picking a different charity to support. My oldest son selected DonorsChoose.org, my second son opted for National Parks Conservation Association, my daughter was really excited about the Wildlife Conservation Society, and I chose the Have It Your WayTM Foundation. Yes, I absolutely ordered one for myself too!

You can also connect with BURGER KING® on Facebook and Twitter.


Here is your chance to win a $25 BURGER KING® Crown Card!!! Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter. The giveaway will end on December 22, 2011. Open to U.S. residents, ages 18 years and older.

Disclosure: The BK CROWN Program prize pack, information and coupon have been provided by Burger King Corporation through MyBlogSpark.


  1. The animals charity because she loves animals!

  2. They love the crowns!!! and they would pick the Wildlife Cons. Society to help the animals…  🙂

  3. Jessica Sheffield says:

    The games would undoubtably be the best, and the Boys and Girls club has played a big part of her life.

  4. Thegames and donorschoose.org. Because it helps so many teachers.

  5. My sons would enjoy the online games.  They'd choose the Wildlife Conservation Society because they love animals.

  6. I think she'd like the crown the best and would vote for Wildlife Conservation Society.
    Thank you!

  7. My son would pick Wildlife Conservation Society because he loves animals.

  8. sarah shult says:

    My kids like the dowloadable  coloring pages and picked the wildlife conservation society because they are animal lovers

  9. Margaret Smith says:

    My kids would love the games and they also love the crown.
    We'd like to give back to Donorschoose.org.
    Thanks so much.

  10. Margaret Smith says:

    We like the games and the craft ideas are great too.

  11. I think my kids would like the games and interactive play. I think they would pick the Wildlife Conservation Society because they love animals.

  12. I like that it has the nutritional information about the food on the web-site.

  13. My kids love the crowns!  I'd guess they would pick to help out the National Parks Conservation since we love to go camping at state and national parks as a family.
    Thanks for the chance.

  14. My granddaughter would love the Jelly Fishing game.  She really loves animals so we would pick
    Wildlife Conservation Society charity.

  15. I like that I can monitor my granddaughter's online activities and just for signing up, she can receive
    a FREE birthday meal.


  16. jessica edwards says:

    onlinw games and wildlife conservation

  17. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    wild life because the ylove animals

  18. I would love to win…. would be perfect to have on hand when my husband works late 🙂

  19. Robin Blankenship says:


  20. My youngest would like that each one comes with a crown (I remember when I was little you had to get lucky to snag one!) and they'd all choose the Wildlife Conservation Fund to donate to because they all love animals.

  21. They would probably love the games the best.  They would each probably choose different things to support, but the important thing is that they are learning to help others.

  22. Mary Casper says:

    yhanks for the chance
    merry christmas

  23. rachelle jones says:

    the wildlife conservation, thats a big deal to us 🙂 I loved going to the site and reading all about the progrm!

  24. This is great! I'm glad that creepy king guy is gone! Thanks for joining my It's a Wonderful Life Weekend Hop!

  25. Eric Davis says:

    wildlife conservation society

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    DDs would love crowns and games the most . We'd choose National Parks Conservation Association, we are huge fans of national parks.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  27. we like online games/activities.

  28. The games. Wildlife Conservation Society because she love animals.


    my daughter loves animals and would probably donate to Wildlife Conservation Society
    Thank you for hosting this giveawayLouispumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  30. My kids would love the crowns that come with the kid's meal. And they would love to help the Wildlife Fund. 

  31. My daughter would love learning more about these charities and she'd pick to give back to the Wildlife Conservation Society because she loves animals too much!

  32. I learned that the Wildlife Conservation Society  manages five parks in New York City: the Bronx Zoo, New York Aquarium, Central Park Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo, and Queens Zoo.


    My kids would love the crowns. we will pick Wildlife Conservation Society because we love animals

  34. My daughter would like the giving back part the most and would pick the Wildlife Conservation Society because she loves animals!

  35. I learned that BK has a leaderboard where kids can collect crowns and play against friends

  36. My kids would like the games the best.  I'm sure my son would choose to give to National Parks because he likes hiking with the family and loves to go to the "park"

  37. the crowns.  the Boys and Girls club since it is useful

  38. rareblackbird says:

    wildlife because she loves animals.

  39. crystle tellerday says:

    they would like the crown and they would choose to help the march of dimes cause i was a preemie 

  40. My child would like the program's online features.  Also, she would choose the Wildlife Conservation Society because she loves animals.

  41. My son would choose the Wildlife Conservation.  He loves animals.

  42. Jacob LaFountaine says:

    Giving back to the people. Choose the National Parks Conservation Association because it is for everyone's benefit

  43. We prefer to keep our charity to our own backyard, directly to those locally in need.  This way we know what happens to our gift, and there are no administration costs coming out of it.  Plus, we prefer to keep out charity to people only.

  44. They like the toys, of course! We'd choose National Parks Conservation .

  45. Toys duh!  National Wildlife Federation
    thanks for a great contest! Janna Johnson http://www.feedyourpigblog.com
    jannajanna@hotmail.com janna@feedyourpig on GFC

  46. LOIS PAYTON says:

    we choose wildlife, and I love their burges, GOD BLESS AND KEEP YA'LL AND MERRY CHRISTMASS

  47. my son would choose the Wildlife conservation because he loves animals!!

  48. Monique Rizzo says:

    My daughter would pick the wildlife society because she is an animal lover.
    Thanks for the chance.

  49. They would love the games and activities. They would the Wildlife Conservation Society.

  50. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    Mine would like the games "for something to do" and would love to contribute to wildlife conservation.

  51. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I like that BK offers an oatmeal breakfast

  52. My kids would like the crowns and the Wildlife Conservation Society
    alsatia23 at hotmail dot com

  53. Julie Lindsey Davis says:

    The crown and the animal charity because she really loves animals 🙂

  54. Julie Lindsey Davis says:

    I like the way it teaches kids to give to and help charities.

  55. M y kids would love the crowns! And we would pick the wildlife conservation because we love animals!

  56. I like the games and activities on the website

  57. crystal lane says:

    free kids birthday meals and feeding america

  58. Margaret T. Breese says:

    My nephew would go for animal conservation, and I'd go with donorschoose.org….either way the charities are worthwhile!!!

  59. Rebecca Gianoutsos says:

    My son would have to choose the wildlife conservation because he is such a big animal lover.  His favorite part is always the toy.

  60. stacie williams says:

    they like the crowns and they would pick the wildlife conservation

  61. stacie williams says:

    that my two can join now

  62. She would love the online games and would choose Wildlife Conservation Society, she loves all animals

  63. I love the family meal deal, I can't wait to see if it's available around here.

  64. Allison Downes says:

    He would love the games! He would Choose the Wildlife Conservation Society!

  65. The color and puzzle pages!  And we'd support the Education – Burger King Scholars program.

  66. On the website I learned that there's a new breakfast kid's meal.

  67. Shelly Peterson says:

    my kids would like the games, my son would choose environment because he always is talking about mother earth.

  68. Shelly Peterson says:

    I like that while playing games they can play against friends, collect crowns and can qualify  to win prizes.

  69. crystal lane says:

    free birthday kids meals and charity would be feeding america.

  70. Katharine D says:

    the games – and the ASPCA because animals are helpless and need protection like children

  71. crystal lane says:

    did not know you could get coupon on kids birthday for a free burger

  72. They would like the online games for fun.  We love animals so the wildlife conservatory fo rhte charity.

  73. Keely Purvis says:

    Helping the Wildlife Conservation Society!

  74. My daughter would like the online games.  She would choose the Wildlife Conservation Society because she loves animals.

  75. My grandson is still so young that the toy would attract him the most, and I am certain he would say yes to any of the charities, so I will pick the Wildlife Conservation Society.

  76. I liked that they are providing fresh fruit in their children's meals rather than just french fries.

  77. My guy would like that it was his choice were to donate, and he would want the Wildlife Conservation.

  78. the online games and Wildlife Conservation Society

  79. Casey Everidge says:

    my daughter loves the crowns! i do too! we would help the animals! she loves zebras!

  80. Casey Everidge says:

    i learned that as a parent you can join the site, monitor your kids online, and get free hamburger meals on their birthdays!!

  81. My kids would LOVE to choose a charity to domate to, especially on that helped animals!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  82. Would love the crowns and would choose Wildlife Conservation Society because we need to be taking better care of the animals around us

  83. My kids like that the boxes are interactive. I think we'd pick the National Parks Conservation Association

  84. Terri Lewis says:

    My kids would like the crowns. They would choose to give  to a humane society.

  85. Deborah Neel says:

    This is great! Thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  86. Tiffany Laventure says:

    my daughter is one, but i would pick Wildlife Conservation Society i love animals!

  87. My girls would love the crowns!  And I think we would donate to the Wildlife Conservation.

  88. Stephanie Tomlin says:

    This sounds awesome I didnt realize there was so much more going on with the bk online. I will def have to check it out with the kids and they will get a kick out of picking their own charities.

  89. Tiffany Laventure says:

    learned that u can give back to charities

  90. Holly Thomas says:

    Wildlife Conservation,i love how they are teaching children
    about charities! 🙂

  91. Debra Evanson says:

    My granddaughter definitely would go for the wild life conservations she loves animals!

  92. Have it your way foundation! Thanks!

  93. wildlife conservation and we would be big fans of the crown in my house!

  94. Susan Smith says:

    My kids like  the crowns andI  would choose Wildlife Conservation Society

  95. Carla Blevins says:

    She would love the games the most and probably choose wildlife/animal foundation

  96. Angela Cisco says:

    They would love the food the best, and would want to donate to the Wildlife Conservation Society. The love animals!

  97. Jill Myrick says:

    My childrens favorite part would be the crowns.
    My favorite charity would be the Wildlife conservation because it helps support the animals.

  98. The coloring pages are our favorite. She would pick the Boys and Girls club

  99. My son would like the fries the best and that he could choose who to donate to.  He would choose the Wildlife Conservation fund.
    dlsloveblogs at gmail dot com

  100. My son would enjoy the games the most, and would donate to the National Parks!  He loves outdoors!

  101. Of course my children love the food and fun that goes with it, but We would love give to WWF. we are huge animal lovers and the kids love to learn more about the animals and habitats!

  102. Jennifer C says:

    My kids would love the crowns.  They'd also pick Wildlife Conservation.

  103. The Wildlif Conservation because it helps animals

  104. The crowns will be a fave

  105. Sarah Matos says:

    They love the crowns! And would choose the animal charity

  106. Sarah Matos says:

    I like that they are bringing the crowns back!

  107. My kiddos would dig all the toys and games!
    Charity of choice = National Wildlife Federation.
    Awesome blog by the way and thanks for the giveaway!
    Would love, love, LOVE to win this!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  108. My kids would love wearing the crowns and they would choose to give to the wildlife Conservation Society because they love animals.

  109. Wildlife Conservation Society.my daughter loves animals

  110. Angela Winesburg says:

    We would enjoy the games online. She would choose the National Wildlife Federation, loves animals, thanks for the chance

  111. My kids would enjoy the brain box and the ability to match planets.  They would enjoy helping the wildlife.  reejen at comcast dot net

  112. Brittney House says:

    My kids love the crowns. And we would love to help the wildlife.

  113. Charisse Snead says:

    wildlife conservation

  114. betsy barnes says:

    My son would love the games and pick the wildlife.

  115. betsy barnes says:

    I never realized how many programs they have for kids!

  116. My kids would surely love the crowns and the activities in the kids' box.  I think they would choose Wildlife and DonorsChoose.

  117. I learned that kids can earn Crowns for playing online.

  118. My family eats at BK often on Sundays after church so this would come in very handy 🙂

  119. Michelle sanchez says:

    Wildlife Conservation–because she loves animals and would love to help them.

  120. The boys would like the food the best! LOL! They love to eat, especially fast food. I believe they would choose the Wildlife Conservation Society, because we are big conservationists in this house. We 'adopt' an animal every year (usually the wolf) and spend time in the Spring and Summer picking up garbage in our State parks. 

  121. Michelle sanchez says:

    Blog comment #1: I like that they give back to a charity of your choice.

  122. My daughter would love the crown the best! And we would pick the Wildlife Conservation Society to give bac to because we have a strong passion for wildlife.

  123. My son would like the food best – but also the games and puzzles (in the kids meals and online).  he would choose the Wildlife Conservation Fund because of his love of animals.

  124. well lets say wildlife and toys 🙂

  125. Amy DeLong says:

    my kids love playing and wearing the crowns,the wildlife because huge animal/outdoor fans!

  126. Calshondra Williams says:

    My daughter would love the crown. She loves animals so she would definely pick Wildlife Conservation Society.

  127. Calshondra Williams says:

    I love that I can monitor my daughter when she's participating in activities on-line at the Burger King website.

  128. April Grimm says:

    My kids love the games and  the crown.
    We'd like to give back to Donorschoose.org

  129. kathy pease says:

    i like the games and activities for kids that sounds great and my son would pick the Wildlife Conservation Society he loves animals

  130. kathy pease says:

    i like the crafts section where you can download coloring pages

  131. Both my daughter and my son would choose Wildlife because of their strong feelings for animals…they would enjoy BK's kid's meals and animal themes. 🙂 Thank you.

  132. When visiting BK's website, I learned of their charitable efforts and love the cute Happy Feet toys. 🙂

  133. I love that the kids can vote and choose how they want to give back!

  134. kids would love the crown hat.  Probably pick the humane society
    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  135. My kids would love the games and they also love the crown.
    They would choose Autism Speaks!

  136. Laurie Ward says:

    My kids would like the giving back…and they would choose Donorschoose.org.

  137. Shena Deokoro says:

    My child would like the food the best. The charity they would pick is March of Dimes because her school explains the benefits of how it helps kids.

  138. Maria Soria says:

    The have it your way foundation!

  139. Shena Deokoro says:

    I liked the BK Crown Birthday Club

  140. hadlee goldberg says:

    they would love the games and would want wildlife because they love animals

  141. Deborah Wallin says:

    My son loves playing the games on the box, and would choose the humane society

  142. Deborah Wallin says:

    Burger King has established a fund to help support charities involved in improving education and the environment.

  143. reeva morgan says:

    they'd love the food best and would pick the wildlife conservation charity since they love animals

  144. reeva morgan says:

     i learnedthat they have lots of charities for education and encourage charity participation. They also have lots of activies for children.

  145.  yes  give to me think you

  146. Shirley Pebbles says:

    The best part of the program she loves is the food of course.  She would choose the wildlife conservation society because we are an animal loving household.

  147. shirley pebbles says:

    I like that you can do fun activities on their website.

  148. The crown and Wildlife Conservation Society,
    Thanks for the contest.

    Thanks for the giveaway…we like the charity aspect of the BK Crown program, and letting the kids 
    choose the National Parks Conservation Association because they are summer visitors to nearby national parks.
    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  150. They'd like the games and would give to Wildlife Conservation Society to protect animals

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