Superpoints: Earning FREE STUFF Is As Easy As Pushing A Button!


UPDATE! I signed up for Superpoints in November and have already redeemed for $65 worth of Amazon gift cards, one $25 Walmart gift card, one $5 Best Buy gift card, one $5 Domino's gift card and $20 Paypal!! That's $120 in cash and gift cards in less than two months! Keep reading to find out how I did it!

If you're not a member of Superpoints yet, you should be! This site is so easy and extremely user-friendly! It is one of the easiest ways I've come across to earn points for FREE STUFF! Each point = one penny.

Whether you're aiming for gift cards, cash, or electronics, Superpoints will help you get them. All you have to do is press the Super Lucky Button the number of times you allowed every day! Depending on what Level you are will determine how many "pushes" of the Super Lucky Button you get.

Basic Level: Just by creating your account, validating the email they send you, and completing your profile you will be given 30 pushes per day!

Gold Level: Same as Basic, plus uploading a picture, completing the Advanced Profile, and inviting 2 friends who reach Basic Level will get you 50 pushes per day!

Platinum Level: Same as Gold, plus inviting 5 (total) friends who reach Basic Level will get you 100 pushes per day! Also, once you reach this Level, you earn what your friends earn.


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