Boost Your Budget: January Pantry Challenge Week 2

Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge

WOW! It's already Week 2 in the Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge!. Matter of Cents is co-hosting with Shopper Strategy as well as 20 other blogs. We have set some basic goals to try and spend as little as possible during the month of January while using as much of what we already have stocked in our pantries. We will post an update on our progress each week.

As I mentioned last week, I am part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program. The bulk of my meals come from them. I simply add in fresh produce and dairy items. So, today I went to Aldi. I bought one three-pack of Romaine lettuce, a package of baby carrots, 8 cups of yogurt, one box of cereal, and snacks for the kids for this coming week. My total came to $17.31.

Although, my original goal was to only go to the store once a week (instead of two), today was a return trip. I went on Wednesday and spent $43 on other produce, dairy, as well as a big box of garbage bags.

The "good news" is: I've scratched the Market Day expense for this month. That alone would have been at least $45. So, the extra trip to Aldi is a "wash".  :)

  • Jan 2nd ~ Goal Week
  • Jan 9th ~ Update
  • Jan 16th ~ Update
  • Jan 23rd ~ Update
  • Jan 30th ~ Final Notes

Each week, we will also be giving away a $25 Coupon Clutch Gift Certificate to one participant. Either leave a link to a challenge post or a comment about your challenge goals to be entered to win! Won’t you join us?

Congratulations to the Winner from Week 1: Entry #17, Angela from The Testosterone Palace!


  1. Good information thanks for sharing

  2. I know you guys only have 1 car like us.  I've started picking 1 day a week to get all of my stuff done.  That day I take my husband to work and go shopping and whatever else I need to do.  I don't leave the house at all for the rest of the week unless I have an appointment or playdate.
    I save alot of money that way.  I don't make unnessesary trips to the store.  I don't end up spending money on food out because Madelynn is "JUST STARVING!", and I save on gas.

  3. I am loving these posts.  I do this about twice a year when I am feeling especially broke!  

  4. I love this challenge!  I'll be following along every week for sure 🙂

  5. Way to go Adelina!  You're doing awesome 🙂

  6. Mia Elizabeth says:

    very nice posts

  7. Sounds like you just restructured where your initial budget would have gone so looks like you are well on your way to a successful challenge!  Good luck!

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