Boost Your Budget: January Pantry Challenge Week 4!



Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge

Week 3 in the Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge has come and gone! Matter of Cents is co-hosting with Shopper Strategy as well as several other blogs. At the beginning of January, we set some basic goals to try and spend as little as possible while using as much of what we already have stocked in our pantries.

I FINALLY DID IT! Not only did I not go to the store on Wednesday, I didn't go on Sunday (yesterday) either. Granted, a few groceries were picked up for myself and the kids by their dad on the way home from work on Saturday night…BUT, they were still fresh produce and dairy items and he only purchased what he knew we would eat. In other words, things that wouldn't end up in the trash. I don't have an exact total, but it was minimal.

There's more! Not only did I not spend any money at the grocery store, but I didn't make my weekly trip to Starbucks OR give into any guilty pleasure (fast food). This Challenge could easily continue into February! What do you think?

If you're just joining us, feel free to read the last three posts I wrote. See you back here next week!

Each week, we will also be giving away a $25 Coupon Clutch Gift Certificate to one participant. Either leave a link to a challenge post or a comment about your challenge goals to be entered to win! Won’t you join us?

Congratulations to the Winner from Week 3: Entry #1, Stacy from Adventures in Coupons!


  1. Stephanie Hirsch says:

    That is wonderful, I sometimes buy random things, and my kids and I have been trying to eat what is in house rather than going to the store, we discovered that we had a bunch of frozen meats that I had just forgotten about.  I also found some frozen Tilapia, so we'll be eating all kinds of things this week!  I found some canned artichokes, so I think I'll make something with the Tilapia, and canned artichokes!  Love the challenge!

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