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Welcome to the party! Matter of Cents is celebrating it's 1st Blogoversary with some really great sponsors!

Here is another giveaway prize! Thanks to Simply Stacie, you have a chance to win $15 in Paypal Cash (USD)! Open Worldwide to individuals ages 18 years and older. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm EST on January 8, 2012. Void where prohibited.

Just use the Rafflecopter widget below to complete your entries. If you don't see it, please give it a minute to load or refresh your screen. Good luck!

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  1. Giveaways give me a chance to try out some new products and learn about new companies. πŸ™‚  Happy Blogoversary!

  2. Learning about new websites and products.

  3. Jeni Monroe says:

    I love the thrill I get and the dreams I have about what I'll do with whatever I am trying to win =)

  4. What I like about giveaways – learning about new products!  πŸ™‚

  5. Amanda Miller says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I love the thrill of winning! πŸ™‚  Jeanne

  7. Charlene Vidal says:

    Love the reviews.

  8. Kerri Coakley says:

    The thing I like most about giveaways is the chance to win something!! Matter Of Cents is one of the best giveaway sites I have come across!! Even though I have never won anything! Keep up the great work…I love your site <3<3 πŸ™‚

  9. I like trying new products.  I LOVE the fact my son had a Christmas, without giveaways it would not have been possible.  They allow us to have things we could never have.  

  10. Ted Kooper says:

    I don't have to spend money buying the products i like being reviewed on blogs.

  11. Carla Garcia says:

    the excitement!

  12. I love that giveaways give me a chance to learn about a new product before I buy it and try it myself!

  13. Melissa Crow says:

    I like the anticipation of winning and also seeing the posts about deals and freebies along the way waiting for the winner to be announced

  14. Cathy Melice says:

    I just love to see all the people that take time to enter the giveaways

  15. Jill Myrick says:

    I love reading the reviews of new products that I would not have otherwise known about if not for the giveaway.

  16. I love discovering new products!

  17. Thanks for putting up the contest!

  18. Leona Evans says:

    I like the wide range of prizes that you all put up for these giveaways.

  19. Jeanne Jewett says:

    I have learned so much about new products and have realized that there are "many" more like me out there trying to do right by the dollar!   Its a social education:)…lovin it!

  20. What I love the most about giveaways is that I'm getting to find out about neat products and the chance to win one would is great

  21. Michelle Macaluso says:

    the anticipation of finding out who the winner will be!

  22. amber colemire says:

    Finding out about new blogs!

  23. I just love that it gives me something to do in my spare time and something to look forward to!

  24. bc edwards says:

    the interesting products out there

  25. Kelly Britton says:

    I like being part of a community, meeting new people, winning is just an added bonus!

  26. I like the fact I get to discover fabulous blogs that are also written by moms like me . 

  27. naomi winkel says:

    I like to try new products

  28. I love the type of prizes that are offered. It makes it very exciting to try to win.

  29. What I love most about the giveaways: the prizes!

  30. Stacey A Smith says:

    Gives me Chances to win things for Gifts for my Nieces and Nephews for Birthdays and other Holidays!

  31. Kelly Finton says:

    I enjoy the giveaways because it helps me to find sites that are beneficial for our daily lives.

  32. I actually like to enter contests πŸ™‚

  33. Kelly Finton says:

    I enjoy linking to other websites that offer information that is helpful in our daily lives.

  34. Debra Evanson says:

    Love the giveaways!

  35. Margaret T. Breese says:

    Thanks for all you do!!!

  36. Amy Brown says:

    I love finding new coupon sites that I wouldn't have been able to find on my own! I have also enjoyed getting started with Twitter and Google+. Had those not been requires on giveaways, I'd have never done them. They're coming in handy a lot more than I thought they would.

  37. Laurel Stowe says:

    I love winning because it gives me the ability to give or get things for my kids that I otheriwse couldn't!!

  38. Holly Thomas says:

    The anticipation of maybe winning!! πŸ™‚

  39. jodi lasher says:

    I love the giveaways because i get a chance to see alot of new products that I NEVER knew were even out there…

  40. Andrea Holuczak says:

    I won 2 $100.00 Chili's giftcards!  One for me and one for a friend!  I love giving my friends free stuff!

  41. peggy preston says:

    love your sight keep up the amazing work

  42. Jessica Fulford says:

    I love to see how many I can do and of course the prizes πŸ˜‰

  43. The thing I like most about giveaways is the chance to discover products that I might not have heard about otherwise!

  44. april yedinak says:

    I love finding and trying new products and companies

  45. Love the chance to win and the anticipation of looking for an email saying "you won!"

  46. annette campbell says:

    I like the excitement of wondering if I'm going to win.  It is so awesome

  47. I love to see the reviews and enter the giveaways πŸ™‚
    Thank You So Much :-))

  48. Dawn Sando says:

    I enjoy entering contests because I like the interaction with the bloggers and of course I love to win things!! Thanks for the chance to win!! πŸ™‚

  49. I like to see the other blogs out there. 

  50. sarah shult says:

    The anticipation waiting to see if I win

  51. Alicia Zirjacks says:

    I like that they give me something to do during the day!

  52. Katie Bourke says:

    I like that I can enter giveaways while I watch tv. 

  53. I like it when giveaways are easy to enter.

  54. stacey dempsey says:

    I have a small income and with 3 kids the extra money or clothes or household items are very handy to win and every once in awhile you win something bigger that makes a huge difference , something you could never afford for your family.And getting the mail is fun , not just boring depressing bills , and opening your emails is exciting as you never know what treasure might be there

  55. Valerie Brenner says:

    I like entering, because they teach me how to use this computer better.

  56. Like the chance of my name being picked little fun of getting something for nothing

  57. Who doesn't love winning free suff?

  58. kim thompson says:

    the excitement of it all

  59. shannon connolly says:

    the excitement of it all!!!

  60. Learning about new blogs and products!

  61. The thrill!

  62. I love learning about new products that I might not have known about before!

  63. I like the excitement of having a chance at great prizes.

  64. kaniya knight says:

    having something to do

  65. Amber Lovell says:

    The fun of every one participating!!  Thanks

  66. I like the excitement

  67. I like the excitment 

  68. Samantha Bunch says:

    I love the excitement that goes in to entering sweeps!!

  69. Michele Henneman says:

    Meeting new bloggers, with different prospectives on match ups.

  70. Lisa Brooks says:

    its like buying scratch cards, its the excitement of will i win, will i know who won. =)

  71. Misty Lay says:

    I like the thrill of possibly winning! Giveaways are fun even when you don't win! Exciting!
    Thank you for a chance to enter your giveaway! πŸ™‚

  72. pam clouse says:

    what i like most about giveaways is the thrill and anticipation. also, the trying new products i would otherwise not have the opportunity to try. thank you !

  73. discovering new products!

  74. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    I love the chance to win something that I wouldn't normally be able to buy! 

  75. Wendy Sweedman says:

    Giveaways are fun to enter and it is nice to see all the different prizes and sponsers

  76. I like all the different companies that I get to learn about and possibly try that I never would have had the chance to before.  They're also fun.  The anticipation.  Even if you don't win it's fun.

  77. Kim Sullivan says:

    I love sharing the giveaways with friends & family!

  78. I like the giveaways because of the interaction. I meet interesting new friends, I find amazing deals, I'm learning how to coupon and with new twins that comes in real handy! I love the Rafflecopter Giveaways! They're easy and quick and with my busy life it really helps! I like seeking out all the giveaways from the other bloggers or Facebooks when I wasn't a fan already! I really enjoy it a great deal!

  79. They are what my blog readers want on Monday mornings!

  80. Carrie Bayne says:

    It's always fun to enter giveaways and dreaming of what I'll do if I win πŸ™‚

  81. I like learning about new products and getting to know new people)

  82. I always get to learn about new products.

  83. Jennifer Hedden says:

    The excitement and anticipation of waiting to see who wins.

  84. I like being able to try new things I otherwise may not have known about!

  85. stephanie miller says:

    seeing new blogs!

  86. April Morrison says:

    Hmmm….besides winning, I enjoy the thrill of trying to win. I also enjoy "hanging out" with people who also like to enter giveaways and win things, and to read the things they write about too.

  87. new to your site but cant figure out how to follow on facebook……

  88. I love the excitement of competing with others to win!

  89. Alexandra Andrei says:

    I like that most of the times you get to know better the blogs/sites that host the giveaways.

  90. I love learning about products. Many reviews influence my decisions as to what to buy my children.

  91. I like when I learn about products that I wouldn't have otherwise!

  92. Christina Perry says:

    I love learning about new products I never even knew existed and often end up purchasing if it is something that is useful to me.

  93. Andrea Williams says:

    A lot of times I enter to win new products that I have never heard of before, but sound interesting from the review written.

  94. Christopher Scott Roundell says:

    I like discovering new products.

  95. From giveaways, I learned a lot about the products especially when the host review about it.

  96. brandy boone says:

    learning and signing up for new blogs that I would otherwise never have know about!! Thanks for the chance

  97. I like learning about new services and products and giveaways
    enable me to do that!

  98. Shannon M says:

    What I like about giveaways is the fact that I learn about other websites that I haven't seen before that I can find great coupons at.  

  99. Jessica Sheffield says:

    That it gives me something to look forward to and a distraction from my regular life.

  100. Jamie Myers says:

    giveaways are so exciting , plus its a chance to maybe try something new or win money I love giveaways ..thanks for the chance 

  101. Stacey Bicovny says:

    I enjoy giveaways because it's a chance to try something new!

  102. Regina Trobee says:

    I do like getting to connect with new sites.

  103. If you win them giveaways give you the opportunity to try new product you may never have tried before.

  104. I love the excitement of waiting to see if i won.

  105. Learning about new products 

  106. I want you giveaways to be on a regular basis and international where anyone with internet access can join.

  107. I like learning about new products.

  108. I like learning about new products, the anticipation of a winner being announced and the thrill if it's me!  πŸ™‚

  109. Mary Preston says:

    I like the thrill of entering. Love learning about new products too.

  110. I like to discover new products and shops.
    Thanks a lot for the chance!

  111. Jeannie Smyth says:

    I like the anticipation that I might win.  The participation and the chance to read and learn something new.

  112. Aside from winning (hee), I really love that I discover new blogs and new products through them.

  113. Stephanie Hirsch says:

    I love getting to know new blogs and checking out what other people say or do on their blogs.

  114. I like learning about new products and the excitement of waiting to see who won. It's a rush!

  115. I like learning about products I don't know about.

  116. Jeffery Ewald says:

    I like the fact that I get to visit and subscribe to various blogs and  gather very useful information that not only allows me to save money, but also make a little in the progress. That is what makes me happy about entering all giveaways. πŸ™‚

  117. learning the new product

  118. Bianca Roman says:

    Being able to find/stumble upon blogs you don't normally find yourself!

  119. I love giving people presents! 

  120. Juana Esparza says:

    I like learning about new products, and finding awesome blogs.

  121. Carmen York says:

    it help to win because money is tight

  122. Teresa Moore says:

     What I like about giveaways is that I sometimes learn about new companies and new products.  Plus I have discovered some really awesome blogs.

  123. It's fun to discover new products and blogs!

  124. Kristie Betts says:

    I think for me it's the rush, like gambling, You NEVER know if you're gonna win or not.
    Thanks for the chance

  125. Jennifer Reda says:

    love trying out new products

  126. I love finding out about new products that I didn't know existed. 

  127. Tara Torres says:

    Giveaways are usually the newest products, so it's fun to learn about those!

  128. Discovering amazing new products I haven't heard of before.

  129. Melora Brock says:

    I like learning about new-to-me companies!

  130. Tracy Stuhler says:

    I love giveaways because its always nice and fun to try and win something!!

  131. Jana Gramaglia says:

    I like finding new blogs and more giveaways to enter!

  132. Honestly i Love being able to share with or stuff i win to my family or friends.

  133. kimberly snyder says:

    yes, me too..learning about new products..and also being able to give little gifts I win to loved ones πŸ™‚

  134. aline smith says:

    the sponsors without them there would be no giveaways!

  135. Tracey Taylor says:

    I love giveaways because it gives me a chance to win something I may not be able to afford otherwise and I can learn about products I may have never heard of

  136. Christina P says:

    Giveaways are always fun! Not only gives people an opportunity to win a great prise but an opportunity to learn about different products out there as well as get to know each other!  I enjoy reading your blog as well as the comments made by your followers!!!

  137. What I enjoy about giveaways (besides winning!) is that I can see new products and sometimes get links to other great blogs.

  138. Jennifer Roe says:

    I like the element of surprise and suspense to see if I've won. Never won anything so far, but still enjoy the excitement πŸ™‚

  139. sandra carmichael says:

    I love contest

  140. Selene M. says:

    Entering giveaways keeps me in a positive state of mind, whether the prizes are large or small.  The possibility of winning is a great mood-enhancer.

  141. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I like learning about new companies and products!

  142. colleen boudreau says:

    I like having the chance to find out about/try products I normally wouldn't otherwise.

  143. the fact that someone will have a biiiig smile after the giveaway is over!!

  144. The chance to find out about new products.

  145. sherry fowler says:

    I love the anticipation of it all!

  146. Happy First to you!

  147. I love being able to see what different companies are up to nowadays!

  148. Elizabeth K says:

    I like visiting all of the blogs with giveaways. 

  149. heather smith says:

    getting to try new products and finding out about dif. blogs

  150. I like learning about new products.

  151. my favorite thing about giveaways is dreaming about what I could possibly win….sometimes even a car or trip!

  152. I actually enjoy reading the content of the blogs that I visit ater i have entered their giveaway πŸ™‚

  153. Ann Bills says:

    I like giveaways because they are free! And I get to try out new things.

  154. Of course everyone likes winning, but it is exciting to try and win too.  You never know which entry will be the winner!  It also keeps interest going on the blog.

  155. Danielle Day says:

    The chance to win!!

  156. what i like most about giveaways is the anticipation of hoping you are going to win.

  157. Lisa Fisher Walker says:

    I love learning about new products and learning about new blogs.

  158. I love finding out about new things through giveaways!

  159. The chance to get things that I havent tried before.

  160. Renee Sapone says:

    I like having my own giveaways and I like entering other giveaways, I like the review/giveaways the most because I can learn about new stuff that I might want to try even if I don't win. πŸ™‚

  161. Chevy Roper says:

    They give me a chance to try out new things and visit new websites that I might not have ever found.

  162. Nikki woodsum zimmer says:

    I get to read some blogs that I wouldn't have known about otherwise.

  163. Rita Corey says:

    I love finding new sites and new products.

  164. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    The giveaways are fun!  They keep me "in the loop" about new products.

  165. I like learning about products that I might never hear about otherwise. 

  166. Stacey Sanchez says:

    I like being able to do things and have items I would not be able to afford without winning them! Thank you so much for providing this for our family!

  167. I like that it is so fun and easy to enter the giveaway, and also I get to like(on facebook) /interact more blogs where I get to learn more about saving money! It is a win, win! πŸ™‚

  168. Amber Brault says:

    I like the chance to try new products!

  169. They give me ideas of what to buy people

  170. Angela Ratliff says:

    I like figuring out what to get.

  171. Penelope Costanzo says:

    They r my quiet time

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