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Welcome to the party! Matter of Cents is celebrating it's 1st Blogoversary with some really great sponsors!

Here is another giveaway prize! Thanks to Making Time for Mommy, you have a chance to win $5 in Paypal Cash (USD)! Open Worldwide to individuals ages 18 years and older. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm EST on January 9, 2012. Void where prohibited.

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  1. I like Paypal because I can buy thing securely through them. Many companies are now using Paypal to complete transactions. I really like that feature.

  2. Holly Thomas says:

    Easy to buy online!! šŸ™‚

  3. I love Paypal because it makes it easy to shop anywhere.

  4. Alicia H. says:

    I have a weird reason for liking paypal – I am housesitting for a friend who moved and is waiting for her house to sell. Each month, she presses a button a pays me through paypal. No lost checks in the mail. No aggrevation. Just money for me to spend šŸ™‚

  5. Tracie/Hermit says:

    I love Paypal, because it's safe, secure and most companies take it.  Also, I tried to like the blog post, but it gave me an error.  Thanks.

  6. Loving the chances to win

  7. Jamie Myers says:

    I love paypal because it is safe and easy to buy online 

  8. Jan Stephens says:

    It is so much safer and sometimes I actually have money  I can put in there as a balance. Then I forget about it and can use it when I want.

  9. I have a paypal debit card and can use the money offline.  love it.

  10. Stacey Bicovny says:

    I like PayPal for the convenience it provides to shop at online retailers. I also feel like my money is safe


    I'm going to try this again…..♥Paypal♥  has been a great source for shopping, selling, sending money to friends and family, and the perfect solution for receiving pay as an independent contractor. No complaints, no worries. I even told a few friends who have had the same success!

  12. Heather Loar says:

    I like paypal  because its sooo convenient!

  13. PayPal-Safe, Secure and trust-worthy is what I think:) Thanks for the give-away Every little bit counts to me Thanks

  14. Jana Gramaglia says:

    I like paypal because it allows me to purchase items from unique businesses on FB securely. I also like how you can transfer money very convenient!

  15. I like that I can pay for items with out giving my credit card info to everybody!

  16. It allows me to pay for things in a secure manner and I can access other people easily.  Plus, it's great with ebay.

  17. alicia zirjacks says:

    I like Paypal because I can transfer it straight to my bank!

  18. Stephanie Hirsch says:

    I like the simplicity of paypal.

  19. Bianca Roman says:

    I like it because you can transfer the money to your bank account!

  20. Easy and Secure!

  21. Juana Esparza says:

    I like PayPal because of the ease to shop and send + receive money.

  22. annette campbell says:

    I like paypal because you don't have to worry about accepting peronsal checks.

  23. It's very useful for shopping online. Plus I use it to pay a friend back that sold me her computer. Much easier to pay her on paypal then drive to the other side of town!

  24. Christopher Scott Roundell says:

    I like Paypal as it's the most convenient option to pay for many online retailers.

  25. sarah shult says:

    paypal is great because it is a super quick form of online payments, one or two clicks and a payment is made

  26. I like PayPal for their Debit MasterCard.

  27. stephanie miller says:

    i use it for online shopping!

  28. Jeffery Ewald says:

    Paypal makes it easier and safer to use when purchasing items over the internet, such as through eBay, etc…, or any other transaction.

  29. Jeannie Smyth says:

    I love Paypal because it is a safe Paypal because it is a safe and easy way to purchase thing on the internet.  I use when I purchase things on Ebay.  I dont have a credit card so I prefer it.  

  30. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I like Paypal because you can pay securely without having to give out your checking/credit card number!

  31. stacey dempsey says:

    I like paypal as it is fast easy and convientent and you dont need tp put credit card info on the web

  32. Christina Perry says:

    I love paypal because you can use it on most sites and it is so easy to use and safe.

  33. Tiffany LaCourse says:

    I love how easy and fast Pay Pal is

  34. It's like one click paying (or two)

  35. brandy booneb says:

    Paypal gives you pease of mind when you make online transactions! You know they are secure.  Thanks for the chance

  36. heather smith says:

    very safe and secute website

  37. I LIKE PayPal because it"s so easy to use and it keeps track of everything for you!

  38. i like Paypal because it is easy and safe to use

  39. Paypal makes buying online safe & secure!

  40. Tamara Budd says:

    It's fast and convenient.

  41. It's safe and easy to use.

  42. I love paypal because it's so easy to pay for things online without giving up your cc info.

  43. I like paypal because I can pay friends/other bloggers quickly.  Also can receive payment the same way.  I also don't have to wait to transfer something to my bank because I have a paypal debit card that uses my balance.
    I also don't like paypal because almost every online store I want to buy stuff from accepts paypal.  I have paypal smartconnect credit.  It's almost never all the way paid off because I buy so much online crap.  It causes me to waste money. lol.

  44. I like paypal because it is fast, easy to use and safe.

  45. colleen boudreau says:

    Because it's a quick, easy, and safe way to to transfer money.

  46. Jessica Sheffield says:

    because it's safer and I can use it almost anywhere online

  47. I love how convenient paypal is!

  48. jodi lasher says:

    I like paypal because you can send and receive money.. And it's very safe to use.

  49. It's easy and safe!

  50. Michelle Wells says:

     I like it because it is safe and secure!

  51. Chevy Roper says:

    I love it because it is a safe and secure way to shop online.  No one ever sees my personal information!

  52. santia geter says:

    i love paypal because its secure so i can buy whatever and wherever i want and know that my payment is safe. also i have had my paypal account for years. i first started with ebay items i bought. Then years later i joined alot of online sites to make money and some of the sites sent me payments through paypal.

  53. santia geter says:

    i liked your post but i keep getting a error message so i went on my fb page here is proof i liked it https://www.facebook.com/chelle.g.geter/posts/326900153998177

  54. I like paypal because I can use it instead of a credit card. I also like it because I can transfer the money into my bank account if I want.

  55. I use it to pay for ebay purchases.  It's great for moving money.

  56. Paypal makes it easier for small businesses to make a name for themselves on the web

  57. I like paypal because it is easy to use

  58. Beth Gomez says:

    I like paypal because it makes making purchase faster, easier, and more secure.
    Beth Gomez, loginemailforfacebook via gmail

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