Enter to Win Two (2) Country Gourmet Home Dip Mixes


Welcome to the party! Matter of Cents is celebrating it's 1st Blogoversary with some really great sponsors!

Here is another flash giveaway prize! Thanks to Country Gourmet Home, you have a chance to win two (2)  of their Dip Mixes! Open to residents in the U.S. only, ages 18 years and older. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm EST on January 9, 2012. Void where prohibited.

Choices include:

  • Crabby Seafood
  • Sesame Garlic
  • Creamy Cajun
  • French Onion
  • Creamy Dill
  • Spicy Salsa
  • Country Bacon
  • Spring Spinach
  • Bean Dip
  • Baja Lime Cilantro
  • Sun Dried Tomato
  • Southwestern
  • Cheesy Beer
  • Parmesan Herb
  • Blue Cheese
  • Buffalo
  • Hot Enchilada Sauce

Just use the Rafflecopter widget below to complete your entries. If you don't see it, please give it a minute to load or refresh your screen. Good luck!

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  1. These look yummy! Thanks for having this giveaway good way for people to try these new things

  2. Tracy Kirk says:

    I think I would try the  bacon and beer cheese dips

  3. Alisa Niki says:

    looks mighty tasty and i'm always curious about food! Especially seafood!

  4. Alisa Niki says:

    it's gotta be the crabby seafood and baja lime cilantro.   who doesn't like cilantro?

  5. Would LOVE to try the Baja Lime Cilantro! Yum!

  6. Jamie Myers says:

    would like to try creamy cajun and cheesy beer

  7. shar burdick says:

    Sesame Garlic and Spring Spinach sound devine!

  8. Baja Lime Cilantro and Spring Spinach

  9. The southwestern and buffalo

  10. I would LOVE to try the Bean Dip and the Hot Enchilada Sauce !!

  11. Melinda O'Rourke says:

    they all look really good

  12. I would love to try the Parmesean Herb and the Cheesy Beer..just b/c it piques my curiosity! LOL!

  13. Alicia S. says:

    Blue Cheese and Buffalo sound so good!

  14. Cressa Moran says:

    I think the bacon and the spinach look awesome. Always like trying new products.

  15. Darlene Arnold says:

    I think these sound yummy:  Parmesan Herb & Crabby Seafood.  Hard to choose, they all sound yummy!

  16. Holly Thomas says:

    Sun Dried Tomato & Spring Spinach! 🙂

  17. Tough choice, but I'm thinking Sesame Garlic and Parmesan Herb sound like the two I would be most likely to pick.

  18. Gina Taylor says:

    Sesame Garlic and Spicy Salsa!!!

  19. Wendy Sweedman says:

    I would love to try the french onion and spicy salsa

  20. I'd like to try spring spinach and parmesan herb.

  21. Theresa Patterson says:

    I think Creamy Cajun and Spring Spinich sound devine.

  22. Country Bacon and Creamy Cajun! These won't last long in our house!

  23. Laurel Stowe says:

    Looks yummy, we're always game to try something new.

  24. Laurel Stowe says:

    Parmesan herb and creamy cajun

  25. Nyeasia Pippin says:

    I would love to try the Crabby Seafood and the Baja Lime Cilantro!

  26. Cynthia Fernandez says:

    excited to try, sounds good……

  27. Tory LeCompte says:

    Cheesy Beer and Spring Spinach

  28. Valerie Brenner says:

    I would love to try the beer cheese!

  29. They all sound yummy, but to narrow it down to the top 2 to try would probably be the country bacon and sun dried tomato. 

  30. These look good. thanks for the chance.

  31. Parmesan Herb and Spicy Salsa! ooolala!!

  32. Calshondra Williams says:

    Would love to try the Baja Lime Cilantro and Cheesy Beer

  33. Baja Lime Cilantro and Cheesy Beer!

  34. Baja Lime Cilantro and Parmesan Herb.

  35. Stacey Bicovny says:

    Buffalo sounds delicious!

  36. Stacey Bicovny says:

    Meant to add to the above post the Sesame Garlic also sounds like a yummy flavor!

  37. Sesame Garlic and Country Bacon.

  38. Yum! I would love to try the sun dried tomato, or the southwest.

  39. The Sesame Garlic and the Spring Spinach would be great to try.

  40. I think I would love to try the Baja Lime Cilantro and the Sesame Garlic. YUMMY sounding!!

  41. Crabby Seafood and Parmesan Herb


    Spicy Salsa
    Country Bacon

  43. Amanda Taylor says:

    Sun Dried Tomato and Creamy Cajun

  44. Twitter link didn't copy right into RC form – https://twitter.com/#!/Weidknecht/status/155889617990729729

  45. Chalette S. says:

    Cheesy Beer and Hot Enchilada

  46. jackie cady says:

    they all sound good, but buffalo and sesame garlic sound delicious

  47. Sabrina Burt says:

    I would like to try French onion and the country bacon.. sounds sooo good!!

  48. carolynn ferraro- king says:

    the baha lime cilantro and spring spinach sound delicious.

  49. annette campbell says:

    I would like to try the spring spinach

  50. sarah shult says:

    cheesy beer and bean dip

  51. Jena Whipking says:

    Cheesy Beer and Creamy Dill

  52. I'm excited to try the Spicy Salsa & the Bean Dip.. 

  53. jen wexler says:

    country bacon and parmesan herb

  54. Amanda Gomez says:

    Would love to win. I hope this doesnt post twice. I am not seeing my posts.

  55. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I'd love to try French Onion and Country Bacon

  56. I would love to try the Spicy Salsa and Crabby Seafood! Woa, they sound yummy! Aaaahhh! I love to win this one soooo bad :-))
    Thank You So Much for the yummy giveaway 🙂

  57. I think the French Onion and the Spring Spinach sound great.

  58. Southwestern and Baja Lime

  59. creamy dill and buffalo.

  60. jessica sheffield says:

    sun dried tomato and spinach 🙂

  61. Michelle Wells says:

    They all sound yummy, but I would have to say the cheesy beer and the seafood!

  62. tammy dodson says:

    Spring Spinach and sun dried tomato

  63. Blue cheese and country bacon!

  64. southwestern and spring spinach

  65. LeAnn Boehne says:

    Parmesan herb and sun-dried tomato

  66. They all sound so good!

  67. crabby seafood


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