Foto Friday: New Year, 2012 AVON Calendar



AVON has been a part of my life ever since I was 18 years old, both as a Customer and an Independent Sales Rep.

Every year, I look forward to the new calendar that comes out. 

The front cover is pictured above.

Hope Renewed

"Every day promises…

a dream to pursue

a hand to hold

a wonder to discover

an idea to nurture

a love that inspires

a vow to take

a reason to celebrate

a moment to daydream

a learning to share

a goal to achieve

a time to gather

a gift to give"

The back cover says:

"As each year begins,

so do our lives begin anew,

fresh with hope and promise.

The months mark the

passage of time for us,

each lending its own special

focus to the fabric of our days.

I would like to share with you

an exquisite calendar that

captures these inspirational

guideposts, my gift for your

friendship and loyalty.

I look forward to serving you

in the year to come."

From Me (Adelina) to You:

  • I am confident 2012 is going to be the BEST year ever!
  • Happy New Year. May it bring you all of the happiness you could ever wish for and more! 


  1. Gail Brimner says:

    How can I get an AVON 2012 calendar.  I do not have an AVON representative.

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