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Are you as excited about the January 24th release of REAL STEEL on Blu-ray & DVD as I am? To hold you over until "the big day", take a look at the all new bonus features, Fun Facts, and a slideshow featuring key set images!

***REAL STEEL Trailer & Bonus Clips!***



Dakota's Stunt (Bonus):


Robo Alley (Bonus):


Sacrifices (Bonus):


Boxing Promo (Bonus)


***FUN FACTS!***

  • “Real Steel” is set in the near future, where robots have replaced boxers in the ring, and is directed by Shawn Levy (“Night at the Museum,” “Date Night”).
  • “Real Steel” stars Hugh Jackman (“X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” “The Prestige”) as Charlie Kenton, a financially strapped, risk-taking former boxer who now makes his living on an underworld robot boxing circuit, operating the metal pugilists that made his human profession obsolete.
  • The robots each have a distinctive look, personality and color scheme and range in size from 7’6” to 8’5” in height. Based on human form, they each have two legs, two arms, a torso and a head—with the exception of a two-headed bot aptly named “Twin Cities.”
  • In addition to their distinctive personas, every robot has a specific sound personality. When a robot lands a punch there’s a sound specific to his skeletal material, his mechanisms, his bulk and his mass and there’s also an aura sound so that just merely by being turned on every robot has a whir or a whoosh or an engine hum or the sound or a computer.
  • Evangeline Lilly (“Lost”), who plays Bailey, never saw herself making a boxing film, but when she read the heartfelt script she was won over.
  • Toronto-native Dakota Goyo was chosen from thousands of 10-year-old boys who auditioned for the role of Max, Hugh Jackman’s on-screen son, as part of an international casting search.
  • Sugar Ray Leonard was hired by the filmmakers to serve as the film’s boxing consultant and to train Hugh Jackman for his appearance in the ring.

Boxing, Bots & Human Co-Stars! (Slideshow of key set images)

REAL STEEL is Available on Blu-ray & DVD January 24th!


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