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It's hard to believe almost one year ago, Chicago was looking smack dab in the face of a blizzard. It was the third snowiest in the city's history. Some areas were blanketed with more than 20 inches overnight.

In honor of the upcoming anniversary on February 2nd, I am posting photos I took after last year's storm. You can also view my board on Pinterest with pins related to Winter Weather.

The pictures above were taken right from my window and front door and show how much snow fell. The snowdrifts were so high, we were actually trapped until my cousin came to our rescue with a snow blower.

Have I mentioned recently how much I really hate Winter weather??? Although, for the last several days, Chicago was experiencing unseasonably WARM weather. Now, if only that would happen every year! :)

Sadly, a Winter Weather Advisory is currently in effect for tonight. Temperatures are expected to drop significantly and snow will arrive. Fun. Not. :(

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