Want To Know Wednesday: Money Saving Mindy!


Welcome to 11th Edition of "Want To Know Wednesday"! Each week, I will shine the spotlight on a business or blog! It will cover the basic 5 W's and 1 H! Let's get to know Money Saving Mindy!

WHO is the person behind the blog? "I'm 30 years old. I live in Central Maine with my boyfriend and our two crazy cats. I work full time as a Paralegal at a very small law firm, right in the middle of a college town. I have been in this line of work for 12 years, and I'm now working towards making some significant changes in my career path. I'd like to eventually become a WAHM (no, I don't have kids yet, but I want them!), so I'm figuring out how to make that possible some day."

WHAT is the focus of your blog? "I love saving money, hence the name Money Saving Mindy, so I post whatever great deals I find to help others do the same. I enjoy posting product reviews, giveaways, free samples, coupons, and the occasional tip and recipe!"

WHERE do you blog? "I do have a little down time at my office, so I'll try to update my blog here and there throughout the day, while I'm at work, but I do most of my blogging from my home office at night time. My boyfriend sits at his desk right next to mine, playing World of Warcraft (I gave up playing my level 85 Undead Mage to blog!), while I work on my blog. He misses playing WoW with me, but is very supportive of my blogging. He can tell just how much I enjoy it! :) "

WHEN did you start your blog and/or how much time do you devote to it? "I started my blog at the end of May, 2011. I try to post several times a day if I can, but there are days when I am just too busy (or exhausted!) to post much of anything. I've been trying to post at least one thing per day this year. Some days I have a huge rush of energy and get a lot of work done on my blog, and even have posts written and scheduled weeks before they are due, but mostly I'm up writing my giveaway posts 1-2 hours before they are scheduled to start! It's a lot of work to keep up with on top of a full time job! I really love it though :) "

WHY did you start your blog? "At the beginning of last year (2011), I started to really get into printing out coupons and signing up for freebies, etc. One day I was sitting at my computer reading a blog, and a thought just popped into my head that said "Why don't you start your own blog?". I was spending so much time online finding deals anyway, that I figured I might as well start blogging about them!"

HOW can people interested in learning more connect with you? "In addition to my blog, they can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus."

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  1. Great interview! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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