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Welcome to 14th Edition of "Want To Know Wednesday"! Each week, I will shine the spotlight on a business or blog! It will cover the basic 5 W's and 1 H! Let's get to know Faith and Family Reviews!

WHO is the person behind the blog? "I have been married for nearly 18 years. I am a WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom) of 8 beautiful children. I have four businesses that include my blog. I am also a homeschooling mom. We homeschool in a relatively relaxed style as I believe in supporting my children in their interests rather than me directing their interests and boring them with things they don't care about. It's my job as a mom to help my children love learning so I provide lots of books, tools and experiences for learning to occur as naturally as possible. I am not raising robots! 😉 I want my children to be creative innovators and entrepreneurs."

WHAT is the focus of your blog? "The focus of my blog is our family life, life in the country, our fledgling organic farm, sprinkled with tidbits about my business endeavors and product reviews.

The focus of my first business is to provide virtual administrative support to businesses.

The focus of my second business is to provide people with a health alternative to over the counter prescription drugs through 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

The focus of our farm is to provide organic fruits, veggies and meat to not only our family but to our community as well. We want to live a healthy lifestyle and provide the food so others can too."

WHERE do you blog? "I live in the Chicago suburbs. I blog and work from my home office. I have a room for a home office, but most days you can find me in my recliner, laptop in lap with my children on the floor around me! My office is reserved for telephone calls, printing, faxing and maybe a bit of peace and quiet! Though if I am not on a phone call the children will gather in there with me too! What can I say? I'm a mama magnet!"

WHEN did you start your blog and/or how much time do you devote to it? "I started my VA business in 2008. We began our farm journey in 2009 through reading, volunteering at local organic farms and began taking courses to educate us on the different aspects of farming. We farmed the last two summers on rented land and worked on a classmate's farm. I started my blog Faith and Family Reviews in January of 2010 and in the spring or fall of 2010 I decided to do the business side of a network marking company we had been a part of for two years as wholesale customers.

My schedule is rather crazy, as you can imagine with 3-4 businesses. Lately due to the unseasonably warm weather I have been working from 6:30am-1:30 or 2pm. This is so the children can get their "school work", chores and music practice done while I work and oversee their progress at the same time. After lunch we go for a walk or I work on cleaning out our garage for our baby chicks due to arrive in April! This week the children wanted to have a lemonade stand to sell lemonade, cookies and muffins to raise money for a dog, so I am usually supervising them during that time as we do get a fair amount of traffic on our country road when people come home from work.

Then in the evening I usually work again. Sometimes until the wee hours of the morning depending upon how much work I have to do."

WHY did you start your blog? "I started my VA business because my husband was laid off and we wanted to try and supplement our income by starting our own business.

I started my blog and essential oils business to provide supplemental income as well, but with the essential oils, I also wanted to teach people there is a natural alternative to all the over the counter drugs and pharmaceuticals if only they are willing to try something new.

We started our farm as a way to provide healthy organic food for our family and in the future to others, providing us with another stream of income. We do not agree with the current food system the U.S. has in place. Rather than Big Ag and large corporations controlling our food, we feel small farms should be providing local communities their food. It will save on fuel, support local economies and most of all provide healthy food to people.

Just call me a serial entrepreneur with a very supportive husband…and children! 🙂

HOW can people interested in learning more connect with you? In addition to the blog, people can visit our other websites here, here, and here.

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