Want To Know Wednesday: The Blogunteer!


Welcome to 14th Edition of "Want To Know Wednesday"! Each week, I will shine the spotlight on a business or blog! It will cover the basic 5 W's and 1 H! Let's get to know The Blogunteer!

WHO is the person behind the blog? "My name is Stacy Pearson and I am the creator of The Blogunteer blog. I also work full time outside the home as a Project Manager and volunteer my time in the community. I have 2 kids and a wonderful husband too."

WHAT is the focus of your blog? "My blog – The Blogunteer – is focused on promoting volunteerism, giving, and kindness. I write about non-profit organizations, volunteers, and other related topics. The reasons that non-profits are founded vary, but the one thread seems to be a passion for making a difference."

WHERE do you blog? "I live outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota and I blog typically at home – the kitchen table, on the couch, in the front yard, where ever my laptop can be with me and I have an Internet connection :) "

WHEN did you start your blog and/or how much time do you devote to it? "I started my blog in August of 2010. I typically post about once a week."

WHY did you start your blog? "I had wanted to start a blog, but wanted something unique. I had been volunteering for many years and thought that blogging about volunteerism and non-profits is a good way to give back to the many great organizations out there. There are so many inspiring stories about why organizations were founded and it is very rewarding to write about these stories. I hope that I have inspired some readers to give back."

HOW can people interested in learning more connect with you? In addition to my blog, they can contact me through my Facebook page, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this about me 🙂

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