Want To Know Wednesday: Wrap 2 Love Your Body!


Welcome to 13th Edition of "Want To Know Wednesday"! Each week, I will shine the spotlight on a business or blog! It will cover the basic 5 W's and 1 H! Let's get to know Wrap 2 Love Your Body!

WHO is the person behind the blog? "Hi I'm Cambric! After having my son I went from working full time to part time. That smaller pay check scared me because it meant we were putting less into our savings account every month. There was no way for me to go full time without having my entire pay check go towards day care and I love spending time with my son so I wouldn't have it any other way. I then started to research ways of supplementing my income while working from home. Around the same time my friend introduced me to It Works! I am now an It Works Independent Distributor and am loving it! I LOVE these life changing products and want to get the word out so that others can take control of their health or join my team and work towards financial freedom!"

WHAT is the focus of your blog? "Have you heard of It Works? Not many people have but let me tell you … it REALLY works! After having an almost 9 pound baby I was very unhappy with my body. I felt like the stretch mark queen and no matter how much I worked out or tired to eat right I still felt “squishy.” I was very skeptical because I had tried many stretch mark creams and had been working out but still had my “mom pooch”. My old college roommate (who had a baby a month after me) told me about these wraps she was using and getting great results. She told me with one wrap she lost 8 inches around her midsection! I had to try it! With my first wrap I lost 3 inches and it also diminished my stretch marks! After that I became a distributor and have been trying to get the word out on these life changing products. Who wouldn't want to try a new body slimming, body contouring & skin firming product? I am a product of these products. I use the Ultimate Body Applicators about once a month. I have seen amazing before and after pictures as well as heard great testimonials from REAL PEOPLE! Are you ready for a makeover? Are you ready to feel better? Are you ready to get healthier? Don't be afraid! Give it a try! What have you got to lose? Except inches! 😉 "

WHERE do you blog? "I live in Pleasant Grove, Utah. I work from home so my "office" gets a little crazy with my little one running around but I love staying home with him. I for sure get most of my work done during nap time."

WHEN did you start your blog and/or how much time do you devote to it? "I joined It Works in August of 2011. I love that I am able to have a flexible schedule and mainly work from home. I am gearing up for a boutique fair in March and continually working on introducing the products to new people."

WHY did you start your blog? "I first fell in love with the products because they helped me get healthier which in turn made me happier. I joined the business to change peoples lives with these products as well as have the financial freedom to no longer live pay check to pay check, get completely out of debt, buy a bigger house, save for children's college education, travel the world … my dreams just keep getting bigger with this company!"

HOW can people interested in learning more connect with you? "Whether you want to know more about It Works products (and the current deals I am offering) or the business side of It Works feel free to contact me any time! Email and Facebook."

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