Breast Implants: Have You Done Your Homework?

Different people have many reasons for wanting (or needing) to get breast implants. Personally, I inherited more than my "fair share" from my grandmother and aunt, so it was never really something I felt I needed….until now. I started to develop at a fairly young age, but it wasn't until a few years ago I noticed they are actually uneven. The right one is slightly smaller than the left. After having breastfed three kids and just turned 40, I am feeling a little (okay a lot) more self-conscious about how they look. A huge factor that really needs to be considered is the price of breast implants today.

It's not an easy decision to make, so I decided to do some reading on the subject. The different types of breast implants (silicone vs saline), where the surgery is done (office or hospital), the region of the country, and even the doctor (more experience means more money) are all factors which can determine the cost.

I was actually surprised to read Chicago, IL is in the Top 5 for cities where breast augmentation is the "cheapest". In fact, they are tied with two other cities!

  1. Miami, FL ($2,249)
  2. Washington, DC ($3,500)
  3. Austin, TX ($4,000)
  4. Chicago, IL ($4,000)
  5. Las Vegas, NV ($4,000)

It is still very important to do your own research. This is not something you want to find out later "you get what you pay for". Ask around. If you know other women who have had the surgery, have them tell you about their experiences and the surgeons who performed them. Knowledge is power, be informed.

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