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I love it when a company branches out to offer more products and/or services for their customers! Those of you who have been around since I started this blog know that I've done that a few times. We launched with coupons/deals/freebies and information about rewards programs. Then, we added product reviews, giveaways, and events. Most recently, blog tours/contests and featured posts were included. has done something similar with Coupons by Answers!

Got questions? They have answers! On their main website, you can get answers to pretty much any question you have. Topics range from entertainment, health, food, technology and more! At, you will find coupons for 1,000s of stores and ways to save money on all of those categories too!

The first thing that greets you on their site is a "Featured" retailer containing the hottest coupons. They also have a Daily Deals section AND the opportunity for you, the consumer, to submit coupons you found elsewhere so you can share them with the Community.

Could it get any better? Of course, it does! The Store Coupon Q&A is awesome. If you have a question about any of the coupons or retailers on their site, they will help answer them for you!

When you scroll down to the bottom of their homepage, you will discover even more helpful information: Store Coupon Guides. If you need a little extra insight on the following, be sure to read them when you can. "The Stay-At-Home Mom Hobby Guide", "Dine Out and Stay In Budget", and "Organizing Your Coupon Collection".

Want to connect with Coupons by Answers? You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Tell me what you do to help your family save money on things you purchase. Do you enjoy shopping online or prefer going directly to the store?

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