Passion Creek: Book Excerpt & Giveaway Reminder!

Passion Creek by Avery Flynn

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Book Excerpt!

Sam couldn't let her walk out now even if Rebecca's Bounty had been laid out in his hotel room. The draw was immediate and undeniable, but that didn't mean it was logical or close to typical behavior for him.

His type ran quiet; academic women with hair pulled tight and shirts buttoned to the throat. Women whose most passionate outbursts came during faculty meetings at Cather College about publishing requirements for tenure. Neither he nor his dates stuck out in the crowd like this platinum Amazon.

The mixed scent of amber and orange wafted around her, teasing his senses. Without thinking about why, he scooted his bar stool closer to hers when she sat back down.

"Josie Winarsky." Her gray eyes stared into him. His face must have reflected his inner confusion because her Ferrari red lips curled into a smile. "My name, it's Josie."

"Like the song?"

She shook her head, sending the fat curls that fell to her chin waving. "Oh, I hate that song."

"Too late now, it's stuck in my head. Josie's on a vacation far away …" Who was this person singing in a bar? Even his own mother wouldn't recognize him.

Not that he didn't want to flirt, because Josie was gorgeous. She must be almost six feet tall with legs that went on and on like an epic poem. She'd changed out of her cocktail outfit, but

he couldn't stop picturing the intricate, tattooed curving vines and flowers that twisted into the shape of an infinity sign spanning from one bare shoulder to the next. He'd been so busy watching those vines while he played poker, he'd folded on a royal flush. Only a moron did that, which, apparently, included him tonight.


  1. Thanks so much for having me over today!

  2. This sounds hot! I'm excited to read it. Way to go Avery. Another fabulous story!!!!!

  3. You are a new author for me. Sounds like I may have found me some great reads. Thanks for the giveaway.   Leann

  4. deb pelletier says:

    I have not read any of your books yet, but hope to. Thanks for the tour.

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