This Is The Season To Shop!


This Is The Season To Shop!

Spring is in the air, Daylight Savings time is upon us, and tax season is in full force. Opportunity is knocking with another deal and I am answering. I figure if the kids can have their own special time of year when Santa brings them gifts, then I should have one too. That is the fair thing, right? I hope your answer is an enthusiastic “Yes”.

So, I say there is no better time than the present and wholeheartedly believe Uncle Sam should be the reason I shop until I drop with my tax refund. Luckily for me, I shop online from the comfort of my own home. There are no crowds or long lines to deal with and the kids can play in their room while I fill my virtual cart with a bunch of goodies. Then, there is the matter of avoiding the food court at the mall. If I need a snack, I can grab something from my very own kitchen just a few feet away from my desk.

As I sit down to make a list, I know paying all of the bills has to come first. Next, are a few necessities I was not able to buy when we moved into the new place. Finally, I can start looking at the fun stuff! Did you know that a lot of times you can find deals at Sears for an extra 15% off Shoes & Fine Jewelry? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and the right shoes can take you places. It’s a win-win for sure!

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