My Obsession with Books from Childhood to Present

Once upon  a time, before I had children, I could devote an entire day to reading a book. I loved reading so much, I refused to put one down even if I had to go to school or work the next day. I would stay awake until the wee hours of the morning until I reached the end.


As a young child, my mom helped ignite my passion with the classics from Dr. Seuss. As I got older, my genre preferences changed. One of my favorite authors was Judy Blume. If I wanted to read a mystery, Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys were top choices. Eventually, I evolved into romance novels as well as non-fiction and how-to and/or self-help books. I especially loved the books which were turned into movies.

When I was young, access to my favorite books were only possible by going to (brick and mortar) book stores, the library, or by snail mail when my mom would order them for me. Now, that I am an adult and can purchase them myself, the first places I check are online book stores. The internet makes it so easy to research and purchase the latest releases from my favorite authors. Knowing I can shop from home, in my pajamas, and even have the books delivered right to my door makes me a very happy consumer. No need to deal with traffic, no sorting through books placed on the wrong shelves, and no long lines at the checkout are all bonuses to shopping online.

What are your favorite genres and/or authors you've read?


  1. The last set of books I had time to read was the Twilight Series:)
    Bobbie Anne

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