Bargain Netbooks Anyone?

A few years ago, if you wanted a portable, slim line laptop, then you’d have to pay top dollar for the privilege. However, a super portable, easy to carry around option with a bank balance friendly price tag to boot has emerged in the form of netbooks.

A netbook will not necessarily rival a desktop or a laptop PC in terms of performance, so if you need a bit of kit that you will be using to play the latest video games or to indulge in some fancy video editing, then a netbook is not for you. However, if you wish to simply browse the internet, play games, make video calls on Skype or even catch up on a spot of work for a very reasonable price, then a netbook should be a very viable and tempting option. Decent quality ones can be picked up for as little as $100, and screen sizes typically run between 7 inches and 14 inches. Although the netbook has had to recently compete with the tablet PC in terms of popularity, there are many top name manufacturers producing them including Samsung, Toshiba and Asus.

The operating system installed on your machine may vary, with some options offering a customized Linux OS which will run quickly, whilst others may boast Windows 8 or Google’s own Chrome OS. The operating system is key when comparing a tablet with a netbook PC, as many budget tablets will only have an Android operating system which limits the applications that your device will run. Don’t forget that notebooks also include a physical keyboard, which makes them far more suited to work based tasks such as typing out documents or populating spreadsheets.

When deciding which netbook to go for, it doesn’t hurt to shop around and look at online guides which will give you some helpful hints and tips on what to look out for to ensure you get the best netbook for your money. You should also keep an eye out for a new emerging hybrid on the market – tablet like netbooks which combine the touch screen capabilities of the tablet but with helpful docking stations and full flavor operating systems which will allow users to get the best of both worlds. While the earlier variations of these models were quite costly (such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro), expect to see budget options hitting the shelves very soon.

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