SwapLockers.com is a site that allows kids and parents to swap unwanted items in exchange for points that can be used to purchase items they do want. It’s a great way for parents, kids and teens to get rid of clutter and get something in exchange for it. Click Here


  1. Todd M. Pire says:

    Basically there is a system of trade using points. A point is worth approximately $1. Although there is no money exchange, only merchandise and or points are used in swaps/sales. After selling and making purchases on the site. I am out 360 points due to merchandise I have paid for yet not received.

    I continually send emails to customer service and get NO resolution.

    When I joined the site the Terms & Conditions page was approximately 2 sentences long. Now it is extremely lengthy. The site was all about teenagers & kids when I joined and the minimum age requirement was 13. Now it says you must be 18. All these changes in only weeks.

    I would NOT recommend using this site at all unless for items you are willing to give away for nothing.

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