Reach Your Fundraising Goals With Teespring

Are you part of any church, school, club or other organization that needs to raise funds? If you haven’t tried Teespring yet, it can help you reach your fundraising goals. I launched my first campaign tonight and really hope I reach my goal. You can check it out here. Please consider buying a shirt while you’re there and/or share with your friends and family.

Design Your T-Shirt

The first thing I did was create my design. You can do that either on the Teespring site or, in my case, on PicMonkey. If you choose the latter, you will then upload it to Teespring when you start the process of launching your own campaign.

This is what I came up with….

Teespring Crowdfunding

Heads Up: You are only allowed to use 10 colors or less. I used too many and had to edit my design before it would be accepted. I simply cropped out the double matte frame, added a simple black one, and uploaded this photo for my t-shirt.


Next, I had to choose the type of t-shirt, brand, color, etc. I decided on a basic white, Hanes, short sleeve t-shirt. I was also able to resize the image and center it exactly where I wanted.

This is the final product.

Teespring Crowdfunding Before Launching Your Campaign

You need to set a price and goal. The higher the goal (minimum number of t-shirts before they will be printed), the less expensive they will cost. My campaign is set for 22 days with the hopes I can sell a minimum of 300 shirts. With a higher number of shirts to sell, I was able to set the price at $11.99.

The best part? There are no upfront costs! No need to guess how many you need, what sizes, etc. The shirts are only printed if you reach your goal.

What kind of t-shirt will you design to help you reach your fundraising goals?

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