Top 10 Items On My Amazon Christmas Wish List

While working on an assignment the other day, I started searching Amazon’s site for a few things I needed. It wasn’t long before I began thinking about products I wanted to get for Christmas. So, I created my first ever Amazon Christmas Wish List.

Amazon Christmas Wish List

The items I added were with my kids in mind as well products I could use for my blog. The only category I didn’t add were books because I am addicted to Kindle eBooks and grab them when they’re FREE.

For the Kitchen

Two things I lost when my husband and I separated were the microwave (he took it) and my single cup coffee brewer (had to pitch it, long story). So, I added the following to my Wish List.

After more than one year without a microwave, I would love to get my hands on this one.

Occasionally, when I’m visiting my parents, I will make myself a cup of coffee with their Keurig K-Cup Home Brewer. I sure wish I had one of these.

For the Kids

I have three children: two sons and a daughter. Nothing makes me happier than seeing them smile. Most days, telling them how much I love them does the trick. But, let’s face it, they’re kids and love presents. The following is what they are hoping will be under our tree Christmas morning.

My oldest son, almost 8, would love….


My middle guy, 6 1/2, really wants….


My baby girl, just turned 5 last month, has her heart set on….


For the Home and/or My Blog

I love to be creative and make fun projects with the kids. While I know how to sew a basic stitch and fix a hem or put a button back on a shirt or pair of pants, I never learned how to use a sewing machine. This one looks like it would be a lot of fun to own.

Photography is another hobby I love. The best camera, granted a point-and-shoot, I ever owned was a Canon PowerShot. I was devastated the day it got wet and every photo I took resulted in a swirl of different colors. I had someone look at it and was told it would cost more to fix than to replace it.

This camera would be super useful.  Not only would I capture memories of and with my children doing fun things, but could take better photos and videos for Matter of Cents. I also need great pictures for the items I sell in my Etsy shop.

Have you ever created an Amazon Wish List?


  1. I was wondering how that Canon was! I saw it on sale for an amazing price. If it’s still on sale, I may grab it! The point and shoot I have now isn’t great for professional looking pictures and a DSLR is just not in the budget.

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