Protecting Your Family’s Safety and Your Bank Account

You have been trained since you were old enough to walk about safety. Memorizing fire drills, repeatedly being told to not talk to strangers and always lock the door if you are the last one to leave the house. But is this enough?

How can you take every precautionary measure to make sure your valuables are safe without spending a small fortune on expensive equipment and your own Secret Service detail? Here are some recent tips and tricks for keeping your family and possessions safe at home while still sticking to a frugal budget.

Price out the best security system within your budget

Although it is seemingly the most expensive route to take, an in home security system provides an unmatched sense of security and reliability that most other methods cannot match. You could spend days scouring the Internet looking through hundreds of similar (maybe even identical) security systems.

However, when looking to invest in a security system there are a couple items that we care about most, reliability and monthly cost. You need to find a trusted name that won’t clean out your bank account every month.  Raleigh home security systems utilize security systems that meet those needs for most people, but it is important to do your own research before committing to any company, especially when it comes to the needs of your family’s safety.

Give the impression that you are always home

ADT suggests that to keep predators away, create illusions that will keep them guessing about whether or not you are home and awake. So in addition to keeping doors and windows locked at all times, you can leave the lights on or install motion-detecting lights that will turn on when someone approaches your home.

Also, leave a vehicle in the driveway. This not only lets people believe that someone is home, but is also implies that you may be heading back outside to your car soon, creating a less than optimal escape plan for a criminal.

Fake the elaborate security system

Even if you have a basic security system, adding onto it without upgrading your protection plan (and also upping the cost) may deter even the more experienced burglars. suggests “installing” dummy video cameras, beware of dog signs and extra home security system decals in your yard and on your windows to scare away predators before they enter your home.

Store valuables and leave out junk

Try to keep your most valuable items out of sight from doors or windows when you leave your home. Store away jewelry and try to hide laptops and any other items that a burglar might find easy to grab and go. Secondarily, leave out less expensive items that you are less passionate about.

This can work in two different variations. If a burglar approaches your home, the chances of him/her breaking in if he/she only sees inexpensive items will be less likely. However, if he/she does still break into your home, the available and easily assessable items will be taken instead of your prized possessions.

Disclosure: This is a guest post.

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